Nissan to launch mini electric vehicle (EV) in Japan in 2022

Nissan Motor Company have just announced they plan to start sales of an all-new, all-electric mini vehicle in Japan in early 2022. This will be one of the kei style mini cars that are found in many of Japan’s busy cities.

The vehicle will be part of a joint project with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and is being planned and developed by NMKV, which is the name for the joint venture between the two companies.  

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The planned mini electric vehicle (EV) is aimed to redefine the popular mini car category in Japan. The new zero-emissions vehicle will feature instant acceleration, smooth driving, and cabin quietness you’d expect from an electric vehicle (EV). It will also be available with a variety of advanced technologies including driver assistance.

With a nominal battery capacity of 20kWh, the EV mini vehicle will have a driving range designed to cover daily needs in Japan. Nissan haven’t announced any exact range figures at present.

Nissan did say that beyond the obvious mobility uses, this vehicle will be able to provide electricity from its battery to a home, and in emergencies will be able to act as a mobile power source.

As yet the Japanese carmaker hasn’t revealed any images of the new electric mini car. We assume it will look similar to Nissan’s IMk Concept (picture here) mini vehicle they revealed back in 2019.

Nissan have announced dimensions and the  new mini electric car will measure 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide, and stand 1,655 mm tall. It has been designed to provide easy driving and handling in Japan’s often cramped traffic environments.

Prices are expected to start at just 2 million yen (£13,234/$18,208/€15,429), which is incredibly cheap and will hopefully convince more motorists to make the switch to zero-emissions driving.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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