Nissan pushes for total sustainability as Chennai plant hits 100% renewable energy use for a month

  • Chennai plant hit 100% green energy in Sept 2023, advancing the Nissan carbon-neutral goal.
  • RNAIPL aims for water positivity by 2030, using recycling and innovative water management.
  • RNAIPL in Chennai contributes to Nissan’s global sustainability despite facing challenges.

Renault / Nissan Alliance’s sustainable push towards carbon neutrality and water positivity hits new highs

Nissan has committed itself to achieving carbon neutrality in the vehicle lifecycle by 2050. This is proven in the Renault Nissan Alliance manufacturing plant (RNAIPL) in Chennai, India.

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From July to December 2023, the Chennai plant hit a green milestone, utilising over 85% green energy in its operations. September 2023 marked an exceptional month, with the plant soaring to an impressive 100% green energy utilisation. This achievement is a testament to the plant’s proactive contribution to Nissan’s broader goal.

By 2030, the Chennai plant aims to become fully water-positive, by returning more water to the environment than it consumes. The strategy involves recycling, rain harvesting, and innovative water management.

RNAIPL, the joint venture of Renault and Nissan, has been steering towards sustainability since its establishment in 2005. The manufacturing plant in Oragadam, near Chennai, boasts a substantial capacity of 480,000 vehicles per year.

The plant has consistently showcased its manufacturing prowess, achieving a production target of 500,000 vehicles in October 2013. The company adopts the Japanese manufacturing policy of GENBA KANRI, emphasising maximum productivity with minimal resources.

Adding to the technical expertise, the Renault Nissan Technical Business Center India (RNTBCI) in Chennai serves as a global hub for product development services, contributing to Renault and Nissan entities worldwide.

Nissan’s commitment to a sustainable future shines brightly through achievements like RNAIPL’s green energy milestone. Moments like this prove that the journey toward carbon neutrality is a collective, time-consuming effort. However, significant milestones along the way prove that with the right minds behind the job, sustainable manufacturing is possible. 

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