Nissan joins the growing list of EV manufacturers adopting the NACS standard

  • Future Nissans in the US & Canada will adopt Tesla’s NACS charging standard.
  • The move opens up Nissan drivers access to the thousands of Tesla Superchargers dotted across the continent.
  • The announcement follows in the footsteps of manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes planning to support the standard.

Nissan moves to NACS

Nissan has announced that from 2024, it will provide North American Charging Standard (NACS) support with its electric cars in the US and Canada. If you need to get up to scratch on what NACS is, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the charging standard that hopes to be North America’s future default solution.

Essentially, it’s Tesla’s charging solution which the company opened up for other manufacturers to use. This allows drivers of other vehicles to use Tesla’s own supercharging network, and aims to standardise the plug for all North American electric cars.

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Starting from next year, Nissan will ship its Ariya with a NACS adapter which plugs into the car’s standard Combined Charging System 1 (CCS1) plug.

Then, from 2025, all of its EVs in the US and Canada will come out of the factory with a NACS port.

“Adopting the NACS standard underlines Nissan’s commitment to making electric mobility even more accessible as we follow our Ambition 2030 long-term vision of greater electrification. We are happy to provide access to thousands more fast chargers for Nissan EV drivers, adding confidence and convenience when planning long-distance journeys.”

Jérémie Papin, Chairperson of Nissan Americas

Which other manufacturers plan to adopt NACS?

The move makes Nissan the first Japanese manufacturer to adopt Tesla’s system, joining the likes of Ford, Volvo, General Motors, Rivian, and Mercedes-Benz in planning to adopt Tesla’s NACS charging system.

All of these manufacturers, like Nissan, will release its EVs with NACS ports from the factory by 2025. This will therefore forgo the need for a separate adapter.

Mercedes in particular has ambitious plans to open its own Supercharger-style network, which will have both NACS and CCS1 plug options.

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