Nissan and Ecobat find new uses for old EV batteries 

  • Nissan and Ecobat collaborate to repurpose used EV batteries for sustainability.
  • Partnership aims to establish a circular energy economy beyond recycling.
  • Project combines Nissan’s expertise with Ecobat’s recycling proficiency for second-life battery applications.

Nissan and Ecobat have joined forces to repurpose used EV batteries 

Nissan and Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd. have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration. They aim to repurpose used electric vehicle (EV) batteries, driven by a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. The partnership seeks to salvage batteries from retired Nissan LEAFs in the UK’s salvage network.

Their core objective goes beyond just recycling. It’s about establishing a sustainable circular energy economy, in line with Nissan’s target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. At the heart of this alliance lies a strategic pilot agreement. It leverages Nissan’s battery technology expertise and Ecobat’s recycling proficiency. Together, they’re exploring the entire lifecycle of used EV batteries.

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This includes locating, safely transporting, dismantling, repairing, and repurposing batteries for a second lease on life. The initiative also holds potential for commercialisation, with Nissan and Ecobat actively investigating economically viable processes. This could revolutionise battery disposal practices. Nissan even considers offering second-life products with an official warranty, enhancing consumer confidence.

Once batteries are located, they undergo meticulous assessments at Ecobat’s facility near Birmingham. Nissan’s experts oversee this process, ensuring adherence to safety and performance standards. The repurposed batteries could find diverse applications, from emergency backup systems to mobile charging units. For batteries that don’t meet standards, safe recycling is ensured to minimise waste. This is not Ecobat’s first collaboration with a major manufacturer. Recently, the company extended its battery recycling partnership with Volkswagen Group UK.

The Nissan-Ecobat partnership marks a significant stride towards total EV sustainability. Giving used EV batteries a second chance reduces waste and reshapes energy storage and consumption practices.

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