NIO propels battery swapping technology with 27 Power Swap Stations globally

  • NIO opens 27 new Power Swap Stations globally to expand battery swapping technology.
  • Swedish stations handle 408 swaps daily, contributing to 33 million global swaps.
  • NIO’s Battery Swap gains momentum with partnerships, transforming European journeys.

NIO opens 27 Power Swap Stations to expand battery swapping technology

NIO is expanding its user services with the recent opening of two Power Swap Stations (PSS) in Sweden and 25 in China. Now, NIO boasts a total of 2,217 PSS across six markets. That includes 30 PSS in five European markets.

The newly opened PSS in Malmö and Arlandastad, Sweden, are third-generation stations capable of executing up to 408 swaps daily and storing up to 21 batteries each. These stations contribute to NIO’s impressive record of nearly 33 million battery swaps globally, with an average of over 60,000 swaps daily.

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NIO’s Battery Swap Technology is gaining significant momentum. Geely Holding and Changan Auto have joined forces with NIO on battery swap technology in recent weeks. This is indicitive of a collective effort to set standards, expand networks, and develop swappable vehicles.

In the European landscape, NIO’s services are transforming long journeys, with strategically positioned swap stations facilitating drives from Hamburg to Oslo and Amsterdam to Munich. The company’s commitment to Europe extends to its first factory in Biatorbágy, Hungary, established in 2022.

NIO has also expanded its third-party charging network to Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. That brings them to 500,000 charging points across 11 European countries by May 2023.

As NIO’s battery swapping technology picks up steam, we’re facing the precipice of a new age of charging technology. Charging convenience is at the forefront of the EV transition. This technology could pave the way for an easier driving experience, therefore, for a more equitable switch to EV.

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