The rural EV infrastructure revolution is here

  • ​​NFU Energy and Zest join forces to improve rural EV charging infrastructure
  • Rural areas in the UK face a shortage of EV charging devices compared to urban areas
  • The partnership will benefit landowners and farmers while promoting sustainability and economic growth in remote regions.

NFU Energy and Zest unite to accelerate rural EV infrastructure

In a major move to boost electric vehicle (EV) adoption in rural regions, energy consultancy leader NFU Energy has partnered with a fast-growing EV charging network, Zest

Rural areas in the UK face a significant challenge with EV charging infrastructure. The Department for Transport Electric vehicle charging device statistics for January 2023 shows that the Greater London area offers an average of 131 EV charging devices per 100,000 people. Whereas, generally rural areas such as Yorkshire only offer 36 chargers per 100,000 people.  

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The lack of accessibility and convenience to rural EV infrastructure seriously hinders the nationwide transition. 

The collaboration aims to extend NFU Energy’s business energy services to include Zest’s comprehensive EV charging solutions, ushering in a new era of rural EV infrastructure.

NFU Energy is known for providing expert advice and support to businesses, particularly in agriculture and horticulture. Now, they can offer customers fully funded and managed EV charging infrastructure from Zest. This development will allow landowners and farmers to diversify their operations by repurposing underutilized brownfield sites into profitable revenue streams. 

The NFU Energy-Zest partnership emphasizes the critical role of rural EV infrastructure in facilitating a just transition to emobility. This collaboration has immense potential to revolutionize emobility in remote areas, curb carbon emissions, and stimulate economic growth. 

With Zest’s expertise in comprehensive EV charging solutions and NFU Energy’s extensive reach and industry knowledge, this partnership promises tangible change and a greener future for rural regions.

As the world embraces the shift to emobility, ensuring reliable and convenient charging infrastructure in rural areas becomes crucial. The NFU Energy-Zest partnership marks a significant milestone in addressing this need. The collaboration opens doors to sustainable transformations and unlocking new opportunities for rural communities across the UK. 

“We’re delighted to partner with Zest as part of our Renewable Energy Solutions service. With all of our partnerships, we look for specialists with longevity; that meet high customer service standards from the initial design phase to the ongoing operation. We believe Zest will provide just that when they invest in our customers.”

Lisa Howkins, NFU Energy Sales & Marketing Director

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