Newly formed Thermal Management Solutions Group primed to take advantage of world growth in electric vehicles

The Thermal Management Solutions Group has been formed to take advantage of the global growth in electrified cars and vehicles. The new global automotive technology business provides customers with crucial new technologies and systems, which facilitate the transition of engine development from internal combustion to hybrid, full battery electric, and fuel-cell vehicles.

Thermal Management Solutions has been formed by Cartesian Capital Group and the former Arlington Industries Thermal Management Solutions’ management team. It has successfully executed two merger and acquisition processes in the UK and Germany.

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The transactions bring together the Thermal Management division of the former Arlington Group with three highly respected global thermostat brands including Dauphinoise Thomson, Magal and Wahler, with a global footprint across six countries.

Mark Franckel, Thermal Management Solutions CEO, said: “The newly formed Thermal Management Solutions Group brings together an unparalleled pool of technical experience and delivers exceptional global market position and depth to provide both existing and new customers and suppliers with numerous advantages in navigating these exciting times in the automotive sector.

“Leveraging the backing of Cartesian Capital Group and the expertise of the Dauphinoise Thomson, Magal and Wahler brands creates a commercially robust entity much stronger than the sum of its individual components.”

Crucial to the creation of Thermal Management Solutions was the safeguarding of as many jobs as possible. While a range of critical restructuring activities was necessary to ensure a robust and sustainable business model, the new group will emerge with over £150 million in revenues and employ more than 800 people across its six global locations.

Paddy Lange, VP Global Engineering and Sales, said: “Forged with rigour, diligence and industry foresight, with manufacturing locations in Brazil, China, France, Germany, the UK and the USA, Thermal Management Solutions is uniquely positioned as a global technology company. In a rapidly changing market, we are poised to deliver proven and innovative technology to meet customers’ existing and future needs.

“We have the people, expertise, skillset and global footprint to provide thermal management solutions to enable our automotive customers to transform their engine offerings and meet the demand for lighter, more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary global engineering, sales and manufacturing teams are adept in aligning seamlessly with OEMs’ global manufacturing strategies.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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