New MG4 EV model offers 300 mile-plus range for under £37k

  • MG have added another option, the ‘Extended Range’, to its MG4 EV lineup.
  • The list price of £36,495 is identical to the MG4 XPOWER, leaving buyers with the choice of supercar levels of performance, or top-class range.
  • The new Extended Range model makes it one of the cheapest long range EVs you can buy.

MG4 Extended Range gives 323 miles per charge

MG has revealed another option in its MG4 lineup, with the addition of the ‘MG4 EV Extended Range’. With over 320 miles of range for under £37,000, it’s set to give some of the longest range electric cars from established brands a run for their money.

With a starting price of £36,495 (around €42,000), it’s a significant step-up in price than the entry level MG4 SE’s £26,995 – which, coincidentally, is one of the best cheap electric cars you can buy right now. However, range jumps from the SE’s 218 miles to 323 miles, achieved through a larger 77kW battery. It also uses a more powerful electric motor, dropping the 0-62mph time down to a respectable 6.5 seconds.

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The Extended Range will carry more kit than the base model, taking the same tech as you’ll find in the £32,495 Trophy model. That includes onboard driving assistance, 360-degree cameras, and heating for both the front seats and the steering wheel.

However, one point of interest is that the £36,495 price tag is identical to the price of the performance-oriented MG4 XPOWER, which offers a slightly less impressive 239 miles of range. However, it sacrifices that for power that will give most sports cars a run for their money, which grants it a spot on our best electric sports cars list.

Beating the price of long range rivals

That extra price over other MG4 models, plus the similar price to the XPOWER, means you’ll have to be particularly committed to wanting top range if you go for this model. However, it’s still considerably cheaper than long range rivals. Volkswagen offers the similarly-sized ID.3 PRO S, with 347 miles of range, but it costs over £6,000 more than the MG4 Extended Range.

Currently, there aren’t many manufacturers offering long-range options in smaller EVs. However, with the average UK car travelling just 142 miles per week, according to NimbleFins, and the UK charging network ever improving, these heavier, more expensive, long-range options might not be necessary for a lot of people.

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