New laws enacted to revolutionize the EV charging experience in the United Kingdom

  • New UK laws simplify and enhance EV charging experience, offering clear, comparable pricing and contactless payment options.
  • Regulations prioritize data accessibility, enabling easy location of suitable chargepoints and checking charging speeds and availability.
  • The initiative supports the goal of 80% new cars and 70% new vans in Great Britain being zero-emission by 2030.

The UK’s new laws will ensure a smoother EV charging experience for drivers across the country

These laws will simplify, expedite, and enhance the reliability of EV charging across the nation. EV drivers can expect transparent and easily comparable pricing structures, uncomplicated payment methods, and increased dependability of charging points.

Crucially, these measures align with the government’s Plan for Drivers. This plan sets out to empower drivers and bolster charge point infrastructure. All of this is in line with the nation’s adjusted goal to propel zero-emission vehicles by 2035

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The regulations mandate that pricing information across charging stations must be crystal clear, allowing consumers to make informed decisions swiftly. Contactless payment options will become the norm, simplifying the payment process and saving valuable time for EV users.

Technology and Decarbonisation Minister, Jesse Norman, said:

“Over time, these new regulations will improve EV charging for millions of drivers, helping them find the chargepoints they want, providing price transparency so that they can compare the cost of different charging options, and updating payment methods.

They will make the switch to electric easier than ever for drivers, support the economy and help the UK reach its 2035 goals.”

Furthermore, the regulations emphasize the importance of data accessibility. Providers will now be required to open up their data. This will allow users to easily locate suitable charge points through apps, online maps, and in-vehicle software. This initiative not only enhances convenience but also ensures that drivers can effortlessly check charging speeds and the operational status of charge points.

James Court, CEO, Electric Vehicle Association England, said:

“Better reliability, clearer pricing, easier payments, plus the potentially game-changing opportunities of open data are all a major step forward for EV drivers and should make the UK one of the best places to charge in the world.

As the rollout of charging infrastructure gathers momentum, these regulations will ensure quality and help put consumers needs at the heart of this transition.”

Moreover, the government intends to establish a free 24/7 helpline. This will ensure swift resolution of issues faced by drivers on public roads. These regulations play a pivotal role in the broader strategy to encourage EV adoption. The government is working towards a new goal of having 80% of new cars and 70% of new vans in Great Britain be zero-emission by 2030. These regulations serve as a cornerstone, paving the way for a future where EVs are not just an environmentally conscious choice but also a supremely convenient one.

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