New Fiat 500 electric comes with power-saving mode helping to reduce range anxiety

Fiat have introduced a new technology for its New 500 all-electric car that offers up to 248 miles (399km) of range on the urban cycle. It will help to reduce range anxiety thanks to the new technology conserving the vehicle’s battery power, reducing its overall consumption. Best of all is the award-winning NEW 500 prices start from just £19,995 including the government plug-in grant.

In a style similar to the low battery settings familiar to mobile phone users, the New 500, which was award Best EV City Car in 2020, can automatically select its innovative, power-saving mode. This comes into operation after detecting a low remaining driving range which is approximately 30 miles (48km).

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Ensuring smoother, more gradual acceleration and limiting top speed to 50mph (80kph), this mode guides drivers to their destination by correcting behaviours that can lead to excessive energy consumption.

The mode also encourages one-pedal driving, which contributes to better use of the regenerative braking system on the New 500. On an average urban drive, this feature can regenerate up to 30 perent more energy than conventional braking.

The software further optimises the remaining battery capacity by deactivating the climate control system, including the heated seats, windscreen and mirrors.

Along with this mode, the New 500 has two additional driving modes including Normal and Range modes. All three can be accessed via the selector on the centre console and are designed to assist and enhance the driving experience.

Normal mode is as close as possible to the experience of driving a petrol or diesel vehicle. In  this mode the driver will enjoy the full responsive acceleration of the New 500.

Range mode offers a one-pedal driving experience combined with smoother acceleration, without limiting the top speed. In this mode, regenerative braking can be used to bring the New 500 to a complete stop, helping to manage energy efficiency.

While the power saving mode automatically activates when the car’s battery levels are low, it can be utilised at any time to help conserve the battery and extend a journey.

When drivers reach their nearest charging destination, the New 500 requires only five minutes of charging to achieve a range of up to 30 miles (48km). This should be more than sufficient for the average commute in the UK. Those requiring greater range can charge the battery to 80 percent capacity in just 35 minutes with a fast charger.

Greg Taylor, Fiat Country Manager, said: “While the majority of drivers could comfortably go about their day and genuinely never have to worry about range, we do understand it is one of the key concerns around EV ownership.

“This power-saving mode will hopefully add an extra layer of comfort to a consumer who might be looking to buy their first electric car. In addition, being able to get 30 miles of charge in just five minutes means drivers won’t be waiting long when they do need to charge.”

We think this latest technology is great news for New 500 customers and it’s great to see a car costing under £20,000.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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