New electric vehicle (EV) charging solution unlocks £27 million annual revenue for car dealers and leasing firms

Electric vehicle (EV) charger company Go Zero Charge has launched a complete EV charging solution for the automotive industry to provide a simple and effective route to selling home EV charger units and capturing that potential revenue. 

With 267,203 new and 71,071 used battery electric vehicle (BEV) transactions recorded last year in the UK, a number expected to be even greater in 2023 and Go Zero Charge conservatively estimating that 80 per cent of those would be leads for a home EV charger sale, car dealers and leasing firms are collectively missing out on potential commission-driven revenue of £27 million.

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Go Zero Charge is launching its trade partnership offering with industry-leading commission rates. Many EV charger firms are currently only offering trade customers units at wholesale prices, meaning they must hold stock and take on the risk associated with that. Instead, Go Zero Charge wants to offer a commission structure that would offer revenue to match the profitability of a wholesale model with zero risk.

Recognised industry partners are already placing their trust in Go Zero Charge, including the BVRLA, Fords of Winsford and Britannia Car Leasing, with Auto Data Solutions (ADS) facilitating the delivery of the brand’s EV charging solution into dealerships and leasing firms.

Go Zero Charge vows to take all the hassle out of the EV charger unit sales process by providing dealer and leasing partners with everything they could need. This includes point-of-sale (POS) materials and a series of videos to educate both sales teams and customers on EVs and charging. Plus, the creation of dual-branded landing pages, affiliate tracking for marketing materials and an API integration directly into key platforms.

Integration into online systems simplifies the ordering process for partners and Go Zero Charge handles the complete customer sales journey from point-of-sales onwards. Trade partners can even access Go Zero Charge’s in-house sales team, engaging them to follow leads and increase conversion rates. Plus, a nationwide installation service, facilitated via a partnership with Roamler, also means that dealers and leasing partners aren’t restricted by which customers they can offer a home EV charger to.

The Optimus, Go Zero Charge’s smart EV home charger, comes with cutting-edge software that enables unparalleled reliability. One of the charger’s unique features includes a health check system that monitors every device over a network every 60 seconds, optimising the charging experience for the user.

The Go Zero Charge app adds to the convenience, enabling users to schedule their charging based on cheaper, off-peak tariffs and save significantly on their electricity bills. 

With the added benefit of the app, users can even rent out their chargers, offering an opportunity for supplemental income. The Optimus provides complete control and security, making it the smart choice for any EV owner seeking reliability, savings and convenience.

David Wells, Go Zero Charge CEO, said: “Our holistic approach to supporting the automotive industry and its EV customers means that dealers and leasing companies can provide an extremely high-end home EV charger and incredible service at a highly competitive cost. 

“We have launched the smartest EV charger available, so it makes sense that our offering to trade should be pretty smart too and enable partners to access a means of significantly boosting their revenue.

“We want to enable the industry to boost their service by assisting more customers in the move to EVs and we are confident that our complete EV charging solution does exactly that.”

Jon Sheard, Auto Data Solutions operations director, said: “We are very excited by the opportunity to work alongside the team at Go Zero Charge. From our research, many companies are shying away from selling a home charger at the same time as an EV, as they see it as too difficult and there isn’t enough in it for them. 

“Go Zero Charge makes it easy and pays great commission, so what’s not to love about that.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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