Monta pushes for grid stability in the UK with PowerBank

  • Monta’s PowerBank enhances UK grid stability through innovation and collaboration with Grid Beyond.
  • Successfully tested in the Nordics, PowerBank prevents blackouts by briefly pausing EV charging sessions.
  • Alex Iriondo underscores the urgency of PowerBank amid grid challenges and the UK’s growing electric car fleet.

Monta unveils PowerBank, the grid stabilising tech that could allow for mass EV adoption

Monta, the electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, leads a groundbreaking initiative to fortify the UK’s grid stability. This involves its latest technology, PowerBank, developed with aggregator Grid Beyond. This technology has the power to eliminate grid balancing concerns as EV charging becomes more frequent. Therefore, it makes widespread adoption a practical possibility. 

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PowerBank is crucial in addressing nearly 20 distinct grid imbalances encountered in 2023. It has been successfully tested in the Nordics, briefly interrupting EV charging sessions to avert potential power blackouts.

Alex Iriondo, Grid Services Product Expert at Monta, said, 

“With almost 20 unique grid imbalances in 2023, it is clear that the UK’s ageing grid is not ready for increasing demand, highlighting the importance of innovative grid services, such as PowerBank, which helps to reduce pressure during periods of high demand. There is a great opportunity for EVs to serve as flexible assets to the UK’s grid if charging is managed correctly and Monta is proud to be supporting the UK’s sustainable transition to EVs through continuous innovation, developing features and making them accessible to our users”.

Grid imbalances, where demand outstrips supply, have become more frequent, reaching 19 unique occasions in 2023. This trend is going to continue with the nation’s move towards net-zero initiatives, favouring EVs and sustainable energy sources. So, we need action now.

Alex Iriondo continues:

“With increasing volatility and unpredictability in electricity generation and consumption, we face a very real possibility of blackouts and outages. With PowerBank, we aim to bolster existing infrastructure, allowing charge point owners to actively safeguard their community against blackouts and contribute to the broader goal of grid stability, by linking charge points to the electrical grid system.

The number of electric cars in the UK is growing at a rapid rate – as of the end of February 2024, there are over one million fully electric cars on UK roads and this is only set to increase. We simply cannot afford to slow down the implementation of a robust, reliable and accessible UK charge point infrastructure and PowerBank is a critical offering that both bolsters and strengthens the resilience of the UK’s existing infrastructure.”

Utility companies, crucial intermediaries between the grid and end-users, play a role in implementing PowerBank. Beyond stabilising the grid, these technologies offer new revenue streams for utilities. PowerBank is cost-free within the Monta app for charge point owners. It also incentivises them with credits, encouraging participation in grid stability efforts.

Monta’s recent €80 million Series B funding underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable EV charging. It brings the company’s total funding to €130 million in three years. As EV charging infrastructure rolls out across the UK, both private charge point owners and public operators can take solace in the fact that the balancing technology we need is inbound.

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