Mina and Allstar Business Solutions forge an alliance to streamline EV payments with Chargepass

  • Mina joins forces with Allstar Business Solutions, unveiling Allstar Chargepass for easier EV charging payments.
  • Former Mina CEO, Ashley Tate, leads Allstar Chargepass in the UK.
  • The integration emphasizes Allstar’s presence and offers tools for electric vehicle fleet management.

Chargepass: Mina and Allstar Business Solutions’ joined vision for streamlined EV charging payment

This collaboration follows Mina’s acquisition by FLEETCOR, its parent company. This set the stage for a blend of startup innovation and Allstar’s expertise. The goal? To introduce a suite of cutting-edge EV charging solutions under the banner of Allstar Chargepass.

A significant figure in this transformative journey is Ashley Tate, the former CEO of Mina. Ashley has assumed the role of Managing Director for Allstar Chargepass in the UK. He brings with him a wealth of experience in pioneering payment technology from his tenure at Mina.

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As this integration unfolds, Mina’s brand prominence will gradually diminish, making way for the ascension of Allstar. This transition symbolizes a strategic evolution that marks the next chapter in their shared journey.

As far as Chargepass is concerned, the focus squarely rests on simplifying EV charging payments in the UK. Chargepass seeks to streamline the payment process, offering convenience and efficiency to EV owners.

Allstar Chargepass isn’t merely about payments. It’s a comprehensive offering that empowers businesses with tools for effective EV fleet management. Insights into carbon intensity, emissions, cost per kWh, charging location, and duration provide invaluable data to inform fleet management decisions and bolster sustainability efforts.

Tom Rowlands, MD Global EV Solutions, Fleetcor, including the UK brand Allstar commented:

“With the transition to EV vehicles fully underway both at home and in businesses, Allstar is launching Allstar Chargepass to provide a holistic solution that can accommodate EV and mixed fuel fleets under one simple invoice. Unifying with Mina and the arrival of Chargepass brings a new era of ease for fleets as they increasingly continue to look to adopt electric vehicles, and we’re excited to see where this journey will take us.”

Ashley Tate, MD, Allstar Chargepass UK commented: 

“Since the acquisition of Mina by Fleetcor earlier this year, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring a solution to market that can combine the strengths of both fantastic businesses. Now with the launch of Allstar Chargepass here, I can confidently say we’ve managed to create that industry-leading solution that will allow fleets to streamline their transition to electric, no matter how big or small.”

We’re excited to watch this collaboration unfold, and to see how far they can streamline the EV journey. 

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