Milence is building the first electric HGV charging hub in France 

  • Milence unveils electric HGV charging hub in Heudebouville, operational April 2024.
  • Hub prioritises inclusivity, welcoming all trucks, and featuring rest areas and amenities.
  • Milence’s broader vision focuses on green corridors, reshaping European heavy-duty vehicle charging.

France’s first electric HGV charging hub is opening soon, and it’s only the beginning…

Milence, a collaboration of Daimler Truck, TRATON GROUP, and Volvo Group, has unveiled its first electric charging hub in Heudebouville, strategically positioned between Paris and Le Havre. The hub is set to be operational in April 2024, marking a significant step in Milence’s commitment to reshaping electric HGV charging across Europe.

This project builds on recent successes, including a strategic partnership with the Port of Antwerp-Bruges in Belgium. Milence now targets the key logistics hub of Rouen in France. This hub is crucial for hauliers navigating the route between Paris and logistics hubs in Normandy. 

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Milence’s charging hub welcomes all trucks, regardless of brand. Beyond the charging facilities, the site will feature rest areas, toilets, showers, and an independent restaurant.

Milence’s vision extends beyond infrastructure development. 

In alignment with its emobility trajectory, the company is creating green corridors that connect pivotal charging points. The Rouen hub will initially feature four high-performance Combined Charging Systems (CCS) chargers. Each of these is capable of delivering up to 400 kW. The first phase will be operational as soon as April 2024. The second phase involves expanding charging bays and incorporating Megawatt Charging System (MSC) chargers.

Anja van Niersen, Milence’s CEO, commented: 

“The new charging hub in Rouen is strategically located in a key logistic area in northern France, between Paris and Le Havre. We see the growing need in the market for a reliable charging network for electric heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. With the charging hub in Rouen and our future roadmap, our plan to establish high-performance green corridors open to all vehicles is taking more shape.”

Anja van Niersen continues: “The development of the Rouen site is part of the network expansion in Europe. Milence is committed to accelerating the transition to fossil-free transport, with people at the heart of our business. The sustainable solutions we develop are designed to provide truck drivers with an optimal rest and recharge experience. We have plans to expand our network with several key sites, some of which are already under contract and in development, and all of which are located along key strategic areas”.

Milence’s Rouen charging hub is a significant milestone in its mission to redefine heavy-duty vehicle charging infrastructure. The wider ‘green corridor’ initiative mirrors GRIDSERVE’s efforts to create an electric Freightway in the UK. The culmination of European efforts will inevitably lead to an interconnected charging network spanning the entire continent. This European charging web will be essential to the entire continent’s decarbonisation efforts.

Catch up with our EV Leaders interview with Milence CEO, Anja can Niersen, to hear more about Milence’s upcoming emobility initiatives.

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