Mercedes transforms the autobahn into the auto-band

  • Mercedes and team up to transform EV in-car audio, allowing drivers to DJ their soundtrack using steering and pedals.
  • Sensors translate driving inputs, instantly tuning the music for a personalised and dynamic ride, creating a one-of-a-kind driving experience.
  • Mercedes to launch MBUX Sound Drive, a global platform for music creation, transforming driving into an interactive and creative experience.

Mercedes x EV beats on the streets

With on board, Mercedes will transform EVs into a music havens, giving users the power to create beats on the go.

Mercedes has enlisted the expertise of musician, a seasoned collaborator on various car-related ventures, to spearhead a groundbreaking transformation of the in-car audio experience known as “MBUX Sound Drive”. Unveiled at CES, Mercedes EVs will feature distinctive looping audio tracks that dynamically respond to the car’s driving behaviour.

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This means you’re not just a passenger – you become the DJ of your own driving soundtrack. With the steering wheel and pedals as your tools, you can mix and tweak different layers of a song. All this while navigating traffic or enjoying a thrilling ride on your favourite back road., the seven-time Grammy Award winner, commented;

“How about an electric car that does more than just simulate a V8 engine? What if I took the sensors from the accelerometer, from the gyros, from the acceleration from the brake, steering wheel, the suspension and GPS, and all of those were aimed at the audio generation engine?”

It’s all about turning drivers into composers of their own journey. With artists at the helm, the road becomes a musical canvas. Take a different route, get a different beat – your drive, your composition.

In the world of “MBUX Sound Drive”, speed, braking, and steering are the DJ controls. These actions fine-tune the music, shaping layers over the bass line. It’s exclusively designed for Mercedes’ EQ EVs, capitalising on their quiet cabins for an immersive experience.

The intriguing part lies in Mercedes’ implementation plan. Starting mid-2024, the innovation will go global, accessible across Mercedes and AMG vehicles featuring the current second-generation MBUX system through an over-the-air update. Certain cars might receive the upgrade at no cost, while other owners may need to pay for it. As of now, specific pricing and release date details are yet to be disclosed.

Mercedes is thinking beyond its own fleet. The aim is to evolve this concept into an open platform for music creation. The vision extends to artists globally, enabling them to craft tracks across various music genres in a fresh immersive audio format using the MBUX Sound Drive studio software.

As Mercedes unveils MBUX Sound Drive, the driving experience takes on a new dimension. It’s not just about navigating roads – it’s about co-creating the soundtrack of your electric journey. Set to go global from mid-2024, this innovation aligns seamlessly with the quiet hum of EVs, offering a space where the road and music harmonise. 

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