Mercedes is set to reveal its electrifying G-Class this month

  • The iconic G-Wagon is going electric, set for unveiling in Beijing this month after months of anticipation.
  • Scheduled for April 24th, the electric G-Class builds on excitement from its concept reveal and CES 2024 appearance.
  • With a focus on matching or surpassing the performance of its internal combustion counterpart, Mercedes also plans to introduce a smaller electric G-Wagon, broadening its EV lineup and appealing to a wider audience.

Mercedes Electrifies: Set to unveil the All-Electric G-Wagon in Beijing this month

The iconic G-Wagon is going electric. Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its highly anticipated electric G-Class in Beijing this month. After teasing enthusiasts since its concept debut in 2021, the wait is finally over.

Mark your calendars for April 24th because that’s when Mercedes will take the wraps off the electric G-Class. This highly anticipated release stems from the debut of the G-Class EQG concept back in September 2021 at the Munich Motor Show. Since then, Mercedes has been building excitement by teasing the concept for months.

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In January, the electric 4×4 made a splash at CES 2024 before its official unveiling. Adding to the anticipation, CEO Ola Källenius took part in extreme weather testing near the Arctic Circle, showcasing the G-Class’s capabilities in challenging conditions.

Mercedes G brand managing director Emmerich Schiller said;

“From the start, it was decided the electric G-Class should be at least as good as the internal-combustion-engine model both on road and off road.”

Much like BYD’s luxury Yangwang U8, which debuted in China last September before hitting European markets earlier this year, the electric G-Class boasts the impressive ability to perform “tank turns.”

Shiller added that the quad-motor system, also used by Rivian, is geared towards delivering an unparalleled fusion of off-road capability.

Mercedes has kept the final specifications under wraps. But they did disclose that the prototype is estimated to consume between 28.7 and 30.3 kWh per 62 miles, earning an efficient rating of 2 to 2.2 kWh. With a battery capacity of approximately 100 kWh, this hints at a range of around 200 to 220 miles. However, it’s too soon to confirm at this stage. 

The electric G-Class features a sealed battery, allowing it to navigate through deep water with ease. Enhanced by an extra layer of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer compound, the casing is meticulously crafted to safeguard the battery under all conditions. While the exact weight is still pending confirmation, Shiller assured that it will be under 7,700 lbs (3500 kg).

Mercedes’ plan to introduce a smaller electric G-Wagon alongside its flagship model, which starts at $143,000, signals a strategic move to broaden its electric vehicle lineup and appeal to a wider range of consumers. This expansion aims to offer a more accessible entry point into the luxury electric SUV market while maintaining the iconic G-Class legacy.

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