Mercedes electrifies Germany with the debut of its first charging hub

  • Mercedes-Benz launches its inaugural charging hub in Mannheim, Germany.
  • Taking charge, the Mannheim hub breaks ground as the first of 30 upcoming fast-charging parks in Europe, expanding to 200+ by the end of 2024. 
  • Mercedes joins forces with E.ON for the construction and operation of charging hubs across Europe, sparking a new era of accessible and sustainable mobility.

Mercedes debuts its inaugural charging hub in Germany, the pioneer among 30 planned fast-charging parks in Europe set to deliver 200+ charging points by 2024

Mercedes-Benz has powered up its European HPC network with the grand opening of its first charging park in Germany, located at the Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße branch in Mannheim, allowing electric cars and vans to recharge at lightning-fast speeds of up to 300 kW.

Following Atlanta in the USA, and Chengdu and Foshan in China, Mannheim becomes the fourth global fast-charging park in operation for Mercedes-Benz. The expansion continues with more launches scheduled in the USA and China by year-end, while in Europe, Mercedes plans to introduce additional charging parks in Italy, Spain, France, and other locations, starting in 2024, alongside further expansion in Germany.

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In Mannheim, Mercedes’ cutting-edge charging park, covered by photovoltaic solar panels, boasts a barrier-free, drive-through design. Featuring six Hyperchargers from Alpitronic, each equipped with a CCS connection, the German luxury carmaker ensures optimal energy delivery to the charging vehicle by maintaining a single connection for each charger. With a unique configuration, these chargers achieve a maximum of 300 kW per charging point per connection.

Integrated into the Mercedes me Charge digital network, Mercedes-Benz charging parks provide real-time location details and availability on the navigation system of electric vehicles. Soon, customers can reserve charging slots using the MBUX multimedia system, Mercedes me app, charging card, or via the upcoming Plug&Charge feature for seamless authentication.

According to the press release: 

“Mercedes-Benz customers also benefit from attractive conditions, such as a welcome tariff. This enables free charging via the Mercedes me Charge charging service at all new Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs within the first few months.”

After this period, charges based on Mercedes me Charge tariffs will apply. Although HPC charging parks are open to third-party brands, pricing details for such usage have not been disclosed.

Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with E.ON to turbocharge the European expansion of charging hubs, covering everything from location scouting to smart AI-driven maintenance, and pioneering features like Plug&Charge. E.ON’s expertise in energy management ensures a seamless and efficient charging experience for all.

In an ambitious move, Mercedes-Benz is set to revolutionise the electric driving landscape, aiming to expand its global fast-charging network to exceed 2,000 points by 2024, with over 200 strategically placed in Europe alone. Looking ahead, the vision extends to the end of the decade, envisioning an impressive 2,000 Mercedes-Benz charging parks worldwide, boasting over 10,000 fast-charging points. This marks a decisive step towards an electrified future, underlining the brand’s commitment to shaping the next era of sustainable and convenient mobility.

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