Mer Germany secures government contract to expand German charging infrastructure

  • Mer Germany secures contract for 700 fast-charging points at 83 locations in Germany.
  • Innovative approach includes diverse site designs and sustainable features.
  • User convenience emphasized with multiple payment options for green-powered charging hubs.

Mer Germany will install and manage over 700 fast-charging points across the country

Mer Germany, a leading EV charging infrastructure provider, has secured a significant contract to revolutionize Germany’s EV charging network. The company will design, install, and manage over 700 fast-charging points at 83 strategic locations across Germany.

This achievement follows Mer’s success in a highly competitive Federal Ministry of Transport tender process. They clinched three lots – the maximum allocation possible. The company was chosen due to its innovative approach, sustainability commitment, and well-designed concept.

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Mer’s approach is comprehensive and forward-thinking. It involves diverse site designs tailored to specific needs. Smaller locations, labelled S and M, will seamlessly integrate into existing commercial properties. At these sites, both the charging facilities and their surroundings will be designed with accessibility in mind, with room for future expansion.

For larger locations, labelled L and XL, Mer plans to create greenfield charging hubs on unused sites. These hubs will be sustainable, innovative charging centres of the future. They aim to enhance the EV charging experience by offering additional amenities such as food and beverage outlets in partnership with regional providers.

In terms of sustainability, Mer stands out by ensuring that each charging hub harmonizes with its local environment. This minimises land sealing, especially at smaller sites. Larger projects will incorporate sustainable materials like wooden roofing and integrated PV modules. Moreover, all charging hubs will exclusively use 100% green electricity.

Mer will accept a wide range of payment methods to ensure user convenience, including common charging cards, credit cards, and smartphone payments.

Mer’s holistic approach to sustainability, design, and its commitment to user convenience have positioned it as a key player in Germany’s EV charging network. This contract win marks a significant step toward making emobility a reality for all drivers in Germany.

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