Mellor unveils its new Sigma all-electric bus range

UK bus manufacturer Mellor is helping to redefine zero-emissions public transport after revealing details of its all-new, zero-emissions electric bus range. Named Sigma, the new battery electric vehicle (BEV) line-up comprises six individual models.

These models will be offered in overall lengths from 7 to 12 metres and gross vehicle weights (GVWs) from 8 to 19-tonnes, with various passenger door configurations to further broaden the range. This makes Sigma one of the largest ranges of low-floor BEV buses from any manufacturer in Europe.

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This is the most significant repositioning of Mellor’s commercial activities in its history. The new zero-emissions Sigma range comes to market as global attitudes to transport focus on a more sustainable future and where concerns over vehicle CO2 emissions see pressure exerted on governments and local authorities to provide funding for bus operators.

This new move is a bold statement of intent from the Rochdale-based bus manufacturer as it seeks to further enhance its presence with UK bus fleet operators.

With the widest range of model variants and specifications on the market, Mellor believes its ongoing mandate to produce size, and cost-appropriate vehicles, mean Sigma’s unrivalled choice will provide customers with a no-compromise zero-emissions transport solution from a single manufacturer.

Key to the operational appeal of the new Mellor Sigma will be a significant weight saving across all models compared to competitor vehicles. This in turn reduces energy consumption while enhancing operational performance and range.

This makes them a sustainable solution that will suit route all profiles ranging from constricted town centres to long-distance rural services.

The 7 and 10-metre Sigma models are available to order immediately and will be unveiled at a special launch event at Millbrook in December. Customers placing orders today can expect delivery by early summer 2022. A further four models, including 8, 9, 11 and 12-metre variants, will be phased in during 2022, with customer deliveries also expected within the same period.

This is an exciting time for Mellor as they expand and move towards producing zero emissions vehicles. This announcement follows the news that Stagecoach are planning more electric buses, as are First Scotland with their electric vehicle (EV) bus depot in Glasgow.

Mark Clissett, Mellor’s Bus Division managing director, said: “Here we are at the start of a new chapter in the history of Mellor. Our new Sigma range is a redefinition of the zero-emissions bus offering and one which will see Mellor establish itself as a major player with fleet customers, both in the UK and in overseas markets.

“With six new base models and a range of options we are sticking to our size and cost-appropriate principles and, more than any other manufacturer, able to offer customers an exacting BEV solution for their precise requirements.

“We’re really excited with the prospect of shaking up the market with this fantastic new product. Sigma not only marks a turning point for Mellor, it is also the most important product introduction of its kind from any bus builder in the last decade.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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