Meet the UK’s flagship Volvo FE Electric skiploader truck: The first of many?

  • Pegasus Skip Hire pioneers the Volvo FE Electric skiploader truck in the UK.
  • The Volvo FE Electric offers a 190 km range and fast charging in just over 2 hours.
  • Pegasus Skip Hire’s adoption of electric vehicles sets an example for other businesses, supporting the UK’s sustainability objectives.

Pegasus Skip Hire in Stourbridge has become the first UK company to operate the Volvo FE Electric skiploader truck

Pegasus Skip Hire‘s adoption of the Volvo FE Electric skiploader truck aligns with the UK’s broader sustainability efforts. By choosing an electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions, Pegasus is paving the way for businesses across the country.

The Volvo FE is a flexible, customisable electric truck. Joining the ranks of modular commercial EVs that we’ve seen this year, the FE is designed to fit any purpose. With a 190km range, and a full charge available in just over 2 hours, the FE is specifically designed to be a practical alternative to diesel trucks. 

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The availability of reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Pegasus’ new 150 kW DC charger at their Stourbridge depot is contributing to the development of charging infrastructure in the West Midlands. 

This infrastructure expansion is crucial for encouraging more businesses and individuals to transition to EVs. Combatting concerns about range anxiety and charging accessibility is crucial to the success of commercial EVs.

Pegasus Skip Hire have entered into a Volvo Gold Contract. This contract covers maintenance and repairs, which bolsters the longevity and reliability of the FE Electric. This level of support ensures that the EV remains in operation for an extended period. This maximises its environmental benefits and minimises the need for premature vehicle replacements.

By showcasing the feasibility and benefits of EVs in the waste management industry, Pegasus sets an example for other businesses. The move helps the UK achieve its sustainability targets and encourages other companies to consider sustainable alternatives in their operations. This ripple effect can lead to a significant reduction in emissions across various sectors and ultimately contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for the UK and beyond.

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