Meet the EVbeat: ZF’s groundbreaking concept EV

  • ZF unveils groundbreaking EVbeat concept EV with compact design and high efficiency.
  • EVSys800: Modular 800-volt drive by ZF offers impressive performance and sustainability.
  • TherMaS: ZF’s thermal management system enhances range and temperature control for EVbeat.

ZF, a global leader in driveline and chassis technology, has introduced the groundbreaking EVbeat concept EV

It sets new standards for compactness, lightweight design, and high efficiency in EVs. ZF’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the EVbeat. The EVSys800 e-drive package, at the heart of the vehicle, is a modular 800-volt drive with remarkable performance. It offers a torque density of 70 Nm/kg, making it one of the most powerful e-drives for passenger cars on the market.

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The EVSys800 is significantly lighter, reducing weight by one-third compared to previous models. ZF’s ‘Braided Winding’ technology enables space-saving installation of the electric motor. Sustainability is a priority for ZF, as the electric motor operates without heavy rare earth elements, and the reduced number of components contributes to greater sustainability.

ZF’s first central thermal management system, TherMaS, optimises temperature control for the driveline and passenger compartment. It reduces space requirements and weight while efficiently heating and cooling with a propane-based 800-volt heat pump. The system’s use of a fluorine-free refrigerant enhances its environmental friendliness.

The EVbeat experiences up to a one-third increase in range during demanding winter conditions, thanks to the holistic thermal management system and advanced driveline software. ZF’s powertrain software integrates vehicle systems and uses AI to optimise energy usage based on driving profiles.

By combining innovative technologies like the EVSys800, TherMaS, and advanced software, ZF is pushing the limits of EV technology. Time will tell how much of this technology finds its way into everyday production EVs.

ZF’s new driveline technologies will be available on the market from 2026. 

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