Mars and Einride partner to bring 300 electric trucks to European Roads

  • Mars and Einride partner for 300 electric trucks in Europe by 2030, targeting a 10% annual emissions reduction.
  • Successful trial in Germany highlights electric trucks’ efficiency in saving road miles.
  • Expansion planned in the UK and the Netherlands in 2024, with autonomous capabilities by 2025.

Mars and Einride’s collaborative drive toward sustainable, electric, and autonomous transport

Mars and Einride have joined forces to introduce 300 digital, electric trucks across European roads by 2030. This partnership is integral to Mars’ wider strategy of curbing carbon emissions. The target is to achieve a 10% annual reduction in road transport greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Last week marked the commencement of this ambitious venture. Einride deployed the Mercedes eActros 300 Tractor to cover a 90 km route between Mars Petcare’s German factory and its distribution centre. The initiative showcased the trucks’ potential to save up to 193,000 road miles (312,000 km) annually.

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The partnership will roll out routes in the UK and the Netherlands in 2024. Adding to the ambition is the introduction of autonomous capabilities by 2025. This contributes to Einride’s commitment to innovation in freight technology.

Barry Parkin, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer at Mars, commented:

“Partnering with Einride to deploy 300 electric heavy-duty trucks across Europe is a great example of how we collaborate and leverage our scale to drive action and real change today – providing long-term value and impact while setting the stage for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. This partnership is our latest investment to achieve net zero globally by 2050, implementing the actions outlined in the Mars Net Zero Roadmap with a focus on improving and optimizing logistics, redesigning networks, transforming the type of transport we rely on, and embracing the electrification of our truck fleets. Together with our partners, we’re driving change and showcasing a commitment to sustainability at scale.”

Einride and Mars installed four high-power electric truck charging points at Mars Petcare sites in Germany. This investment is crucial for the success of the electric truck deployment, providing essential charging infrastructure for sustained operations.

Robert Falck, Einride’s CEO and Founder, stated:

“To build a resilient future, we have to take action in decarbonizing transportation and enabling future-proof operations. This partnership exemplifies Mars’ commitment to taking action, as we jointly deploy an intelligent freight system that will reduce emissions, increase efficiencies and showcase a commitment to sustainability at scale.” ​​

As Mars commits $1 billion globally over the next three years to drive climate action, this collaboration emerges as a noteworthy commitment to creating a sustainable and efficient future in freight technology. The deployment of digital, electric, and autonomous technologies is poised to redefine the landscape of road freight, contributing significantly to reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

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