Maeving: not California dreaming, but going live on a winter’s day

  • UK retro electric motorbike brand Maeving heads to California, just like the old days with Triumph.
  • Order books will open in the state on December 1st, for both its city-oriented RM1 bike and its faster RM1S model.
  • The California-destined bikes will continue to be manufactured in Britain.

Prices for the initial California launch of Maeving models have already been revealed, which are equally in line with UK prices. The RM1, with a top speed of 45mph, will start from $6,495, and deliveries will start from the new year. Meanwhile, the RM1S, with its higher top speed of 70mph, will start at $8,995 with US riders able to take delivery from July 2024. As part of Maeving’s expansion, the company has appointed a new US general manager, and partnered with the Bike Shed Motor Co in Los Angeles. This will allow the company to raise awareness of the brand across the pond, by showcasing and offering test rides of its electric motorbikes to potential customers. Those in other states who are enticed by the British electric motorbike brand may not be waiting too long to get their hands on one, however. Whilst the company has not given a specific timeline for expansion, it noted that the move to California is “just the start of Maeving’s road trip across America”.

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