Luxembourg gets major EV boost with high power charging statins from SWIO and EVBox 

  • Luxembourg boosts EV charging with SWIO and EVBox collaboration.
  • Troniq High Power stations, reaching 400kW, mark the initiative.
  • Strategic plan envisions widespread, efficient charging hubs for sustainable transportation.

SWIO and EVBox team up to bring high powered emobility to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is poised for a substantial enhancement in its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The country will benefit from a collaboration between SWIO, a charging management solution provider, and EVBox, a leading European EV charging solutions provider.

SWIO has recently deployed EVBox Troniq High Power stations across Luxembourg. These cutting-edge stations, boasting an impressive 400kW output, now stand among the fastest in the EV industry.

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SWIO is strategically focused on promoting widespread EV charging adoption throughout Luxembourg. The installation of two Troniq High Power DC fast charging stations, with outputs of 320kW and 400kW, marks the initial phase of the initiative.

Acknowledging the critical role of seamless installation, EVBox has introduced an in-house method for Troniq High Power stations. The modular design, new base frame, and guiding templates aim to simplify the grid connection process. It’ll enhance efficiency and minimise errors during installation.

Looking forward, SWIO envisions a comprehensive network of EVBox Troniq High Power stations across the country. The goal is to transform specific areas into vital charging hubs. This strategic expansion aims to provide drivers with convenient on-the-go charging options, aligning with the growing trend towards sustainable transportation.

Marvin Rassel, Coordinator at SWIO, stated:

“At SWIO, we focus on providing tailor-made solutions for electric cars, and EVBox’s DC charging solutions has given our prospects the opportunity to fast charge on-the-go in public spaces. We are excited for the many installations of EVBox Troniq Modular happening soon and EVBox Troniq High Power to enable powerful and scalable fast charging in Luxembourg.” 

As Luxembourg anticipates a surge in EV adoption, SWIO and EVBox provide essential services toward a robust charging infrastructure. The emphasis remains on providing efficient and accessible solutions to cater to the evolving needs of electric vehicle drivers throughout the country.

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