Lunaz producing classic Rolls-Royce electric cars

British automotive engineering company Lunaz, who are based in Silverstone, have designed and developed an electric powertrain to breathe new life into classic cars like the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Cloud. The company have also taken some of the most beautiful and celebrated cars in history and brought them into the modern age by converting them to electric power.

Being based in Silverstone provides Lunaz with a large pool of engineers, designers and authorities on electric cars. Their team includes senior technical talent from Aston Martin, Cosworth, Ferrari, Jaguar, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen. Together they hand build some the finest electric classic cars available around the globe.

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Lunaz will offer Rolls-Royce Phantom and Cloud models. They fit the Phantom with a 120 kWh battery pack, while the Silver Cloud features an 80 kWh battery pack. Lunaz claim this will provide an impressive 300-mile range for both models.

This is an ongoing project for Lunaz and they’re already planning 30 of these high-end electric classics. Prices will start at £350,000 ($458,000) for the Silver Cloud and £500,000 ($654,000) for the Phantom. Alongside the Rolls-Royce models Lunaz also offer clients the Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 models, along with the Bentley S2 Flying Spur.

Founder of Lunaz, David Lorenz, said: “The time is right for an electric Rolls-Royce. We are answering the need to marry beautiful classic design with the usability, reliability, and sustainability of an electric powertrain. More than ever we are meeting demand for clean-air expressions of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in history. We are proud to make a classic Rolls-Royce relevant to a new generation.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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