Lunaz introduces its electrified 1983 Range Rover Safari: Shaken, not stirred.

  • Lunaz introduces an electrified 1983 Range Rover Safari, inspired by James Bond’s iconic ride.
  • Extensive modifications include reinforced body and chassis and bespoke ‘Maya Blue’ finish.
  • Innovative interior features a 3D printed console, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and luxury.

Lunaz unveils its electrified 1983 Range Rover Safari, a fresh take on the silver screen classic

Lunaz introduces an electrified 1983 short-wheelbase Range Rover Safari. This open-top model, reminiscent of James Bond’s vehicle in the 1983 film Octopussy, represents a departure from Lunaz’s previous work with fixed-roof electric Range Rovers.

Lunaz reinforced the Safari’s body and chassis to maintain structural integrity without compromising stability. The result is a bespoke commission finished in a singular ‘Maya Blue’, accompanied by a dark blue convertible hood.

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Inside, Lunaz continues to provide bespoke touches. The new 3D printed composite centre console takes the spotlight. This two-year in-house endeavour integrates modern conveniences like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a reversing camera, and digital controls for the air conditioning and heating systems. This console will become a standard feature in upcoming electric Range Rovers by Lunaz.

The seating underwent a comprehensive overhaul for enhanced aesthetics, comfort, and ergonomics. The interior, a labour-intensive project consuming over 1,000 collective hours, reflects Lunaz’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability.

Beneath the bonnet, a 280kW powertrain, meticulously configured to the owner’s specifications, delivers an impressive 375 bhp. The shift to fully electric ensures zero emissions, a far cry from the original V8 engine’s carbon footprint. To manage the increased torque, Lunaz incorporated adjustable dampers, bespoke springs, and regenerative braking, preserving the Range Rover Safari’s off-road capabilities and original wading depth.

David Lorenz, Founder of Lunaz, commented:

“Lunaz has become known for elevating the most beautiful and elegant classic cars in history. With this Range Rover, we’re doing something different. We’re showing that our incredibly detailed and exacting approach can be applied to more playful icons, so they can be enjoyed for their own sake. I believe that this stunning electrified restomod captures this perfectly, elevating the Range Rover Classic to a place that perfectly marries its utility with a contemporary and precisely executed new interior and exterior design treatment.”

Just this week we saw Jason Mamoa’s phenomenally electrified Rolls Royce Phantom II by Electrogenic. As these innovative conversion specialists take flight, the world of emobility grows ever broader and more exciting. 

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