Lucid Earth trademark found: Is Lucid’s mid-size electric SUV on the way?

  • Trademarks for a ‘Lucid Earth’ model were found earlier this year on the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, hinting at an upcoming model from the American luxury EV manufacturer.
  • Then just this week, on an earnings call, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson confirmed that the brand would launch a new electric SUV to be produced at high volume, with a starting price around the $48,000 mark.
  • The new SUV, which could explain the origins of the Earth trademark, would slot in below the recently announced Lucid Gravity SUV, an $80,000 model to rival EVs such as the Tesla Model X.

New model for Lucid in the pipeline

Three trademarks can be found on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, including ‘Lucid Earth’, ‘Earth’, and ‘Earth Dream Edition’ – the last likely hinting at a fully-loaded launch model, as we saw with the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The Earth trademark does not fully confirm the name of Lucid Motor’s upcoming SUV, but with the company’s current model names of ‘Air’ and ‘Gravity’, the Earth would fit that naming strategy, and also indicate a level of off-road ability. Other than also confirming that production of this new electric SUV would start in late 2026, Rawlinson did not give any further details on the new model. 

However, at the $48,000 mark, this EV would have some significant competition, with the Model Y starting at a similar $44,900, and the $41,160 Volkswagen ID.4. It remains to be seen whether Lucid aims for a more off-road focus, however, which could be the case if the ‘Earth’ name was to be applied to this upcoming electric SUV.

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