London takes the lead as the city with the most EV charge points in Europe

New data from EV Markets Reports’ Charge Point Monitor, updated as of March 2023, shows that the number of public charge points in the city has increased by 47,818. 

That means London has now taken overtaken Amsterdam and takes the lead in Europe as the city with the most charge points. Of course, The Netherlands are never far off the pace in terms of electrification, as they still lay claim to four of the top 10 cities with the most charge points.

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The United Kingdom has seen a dramatic increase in its number of charge points, with the current total approaching 70,000, marking a 70% increase from the previous year’s figure of 40,000. 

This growth in charging infrastructure is a significant boost for EV adoption, as a lack of charging points has been identified as one of the key challenges for the transition to electric mobility. Seeing the rapid increase in infrastructure is bound to instil the confidence that drivers need to make the transition. The figures also serve as a definitive statement; the UK is going electric. 

LeasePlan’s 2023 EV readiness index shows that the maturity of charging infrastructure in countries such as Germany and France has improved considerably, contributing to a smoother transition to EVs. 

However, while EV adoption has been increasing steadily in recent years, the expansion of charging infrastructure remains crucial to support further growth. 

The demand for charging infrastructure is only set to rise, making it imperative for governments and companies alike to continue investing in charging points to ensure that EV drivers have easy access to reliable charging networks. 

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