LionVolt brings solid-state battery innovation to Scotland

  • LionVolt acquires Scottish site for 3D battery cells, prioritising lithium-based solid-state battery tech for EVs.
  • The company has secured €4 million for advancing safe and efficient battery development.
  • LionVolt’s innovative approach positions it strategically in the next-gen battery tech landscape.

LionVolt drives innovation in lithium-based solid-state battery tech with new Scotland plant

Dutch solid-state battery start-up, LionVolt, has strategically acquired a battery production site in Thurso, Scotland. The company, known for its 3D technology, plans to implement this innovation in battery cell production at the newly acquired Scottish facility.

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The acquisition marks a significant expansion for LionVolt, which had primarily focused on development in the Netherlands. The Scottish site, currently undergoing conversion, will play a crucial role in the next phase of LionVolt’s growth. The company actively works on a solid-state battery based on lithium metal, designed for electric vehicles and aviation.

LionVolt’s CEO, Kevin Brundish, stated:

“This is a very exciting step in our growth, and brings a complementary skill set that we currently do not have within LionVolt, along with providing us with a manufacturing capability that will be complementary to our pilot line facility at the BIC. The combination of these capabilities will allow us to accelerate the commercialization of our innovative products.” 

Simultaneously, LionVolt is setting up a pilot production line at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. This parallel effort will further develop the company’s 3D-structured electrodes. The BIC pilot plant is expected to enhance LionVolt’s production capacity and support the overall growth strategy.

The company’s roots trace back to 2020 when it was spun off from TNO. LionVolt benefits from six years of research and development on its solid-state battery concept. The commitment to innovation is underscored by the recent completion of a four-million-euro seed financing round in 2021.

While LionVolt remains tight-lipped about specific details of its battery technology, the overarching objective is clear: to bring advanced batteries to market with attributes such as safety, efficiency, high energy density, short charging times, and extended service life.

The news comes as battery technology booms. The UK government is actively encouraging the development of a domestic supply chain. This is to protect against reliance on imports. Could this be the next step in the UK’s quest for battery dominance?

As LionVolt works towards commercialising its innovative products, the acquisition in Scotland and the ongoing developments in the Netherlands position the company strategically. The competitive landscape of next-generation battery technology anticipates further revelations from LionVolt as it aims to revolutionise the energy storage sector with its cutting-edge solid-state battery solutions.

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