Lilium prepares for takeoff in Florida skies

  • Lilium partners with UrbanLink to supply 20 all-electric eVTOL jets for Florida operations, leading the way in emissions-free urban air travel.
  • UrbanLink’s order for 20 jets, with an option for 20 more, aims to make it the first US airline fully dedicated to eVTOL technology.
  • This collaboration signals a new era of cleaner, efficient air transport, with implications for how cities connect and how people travel.

Florida’s Electric Flight Future: Lilium Partners with UrbanLink

Lilium, an eVTOL innovator, has teamed up with UrbanLink, an advanced air mobility operator, to purchase at least 20 all-electric jets. UrbanLink plans to deploy these aircraft across Florida, aiming to be the first US airline entirely dedicated to eVTOL technology.

Lilium, a Munich-based startup founded in 2015, has grown to span development teams across Europe and the U.S. The company employs approximately 1,000 people, including 500 aerospace engineers, all focused on advancing Lilium’s unique eVTOL Jet design for commercial operations in Regional Air Mobility (RAM).

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Last year, Lilium secured development certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), allowing the startup to press on with developing, testing, and preparing its eVTOL jets in pursuit of full certification and production ahead of commercial operations.

The new partnership features a firm order for at least 20 eVTOL jets, with an option for 20 more, along with scheduled pre-delivery payments from UrbanLink. This move positions UrbanLink to become one of the first US airlines to fully embrace advanced aviation technology and incorporate eVTOLs into commercial operations.

UrbanLink CEO, Ed Wegel, said;

“While many airlines have discussed the potential of operating eVTOL aircraft, none have made a definitive commitment. UrbanLink will be the first airline in the U. to integrate eVTOL aircraft into its fleet. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way people move to and from as well as within urban cores. After thorough evaluation of various manufacturers, we found the Lilium Jet to be the optimal choice for our needs, thanks to its superior cabin design, range, capacity, and cost-effectiveness.”

UrbanLink plans to deploy the first 20 eVTOL jets from Lilium across South Florida, providing emissions-free flight routes connecting Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Marco Island.

Lilium CCO, Sebastien Borel, commented;

“We are proud that UrbanLink has selected the Lilium Jet for its network and operations. This is a huge milestone, not only for Lilium, but for the commercialization of eVTOLs in the US We believe that this purchase of eVTOL aircraft is the first by a commercial operator that isn’t invested in the manufacturer that it is purchasing from. This is a sign that the market for eVTOL aircraft has matured and there is growing demand for aircraft that can provide connections between, rather than just within, cities. I know that Ed has the vision and operational expertise to make regional air mobility a success.”

The partnership between Lilium and UrbanLink marks a significant leap for advanced air mobility in the U.S. This collaboration showcases the potential for sustainable air transportation and is likely to inspire similar moves across the industry. With Lilium’s innovative eVTOL technology and UrbanLink’s commitment to commercial operations, we could be witnessing the start of a new era in regional air mobility.

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