LEVC launches into the future with its new pure electric vehicle technology: SOA

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) embarks on an exciting new journey today with the release of its cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) technology. 

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC said:

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“Today, LEVC enters the most exciting chapter in its history with the unveiling of our new innovative and highly flexible, space-focused, pure electric vehicle platform technology: Space Oriented Architecture.”

After over a century in the mobility and transport space, LEVC’s new strategy will deliver smart, green, safe and accessible mobility for all. Its new range of state-of-the-art EVs will be created under its vision  –  “a sustainable mobility future, for a better world”.

Today, LEVC unveils the foundation of its leap into the future, the innovative new EV platform – Space Oriented Architecture (SOA). 

SOA is an adaptable EV platform created with onboard space as a top priority, making interior-optimised emobility more accessible than ever. 

Having spent two and a half years developing the piece, in collaboration with Geely Holding Group, SOA is optimised to support a wide variety of EV options, from ecargo solutions to people carriers. The platform even comes with a choice of front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. 

Every aspect of SOA puts interior space and customer convenience as a priority, with centrally located batteries and front-loaded powertrain components coming together to offer EV drivers more space, flexibility, and accessibility than ever. 

SOA comes with a range of battery packages from 73 kWh to 120kWh, which can result in a phenomenal range of up to 695km. Combine that with ultra-fast charging and SOA fast becomes among the most comprehensive EV platforms ever created.

The specs don’t stop there, LEVC have integrated the latest in digital platform technology, L-OS. L-OS is a new electronic architecture, built exclusively for emobility. With L-OS technology, SOA is autonomous-capable and brings all-new levels of driver assistance to the market. 

“SOA optimises onboard space offering multiple configurations and endless possibilities, a new advanced EV platform which supports LEVC’s new strategy to become a leading zero-carbon mobility provider. Combined with our groundbreaking L-OS digital architecture, it will bring our new mission to life, delivering smart, green, safe and accessible mobility to all, enabling us to transform from a high-end taxi manufacturer, launching LEVC into new sectors, with an extended range of state-of-the-art pure electric vehicles.”

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC

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