Kleanbus transforms Lothian Buses’ fleet with electric bus conversions

  • Kleanbus partners with Lothian Buses, bringing electric bus conversions to their fleet.
  • Kleanbus’ advanced electric platform swiftly and cost-effectively repowers existing buses, aligning with Lothian’s goal of a zero-emission fleet.
  • The initiative extends bus lifespan, reduces carbon footprint, and sets a sustainable precedent in the public transportation sector.

Lothian Buses embraces Kleanbus’ cutting-edge electric bus approach, giving new life to diesel vehicles

Kleanbus, a leading electric bus expert, has joined forces with Lothian Buses, the largest municipal bus company in the UK. The collaboration will transform 18 mid-life diesel buses into electric vehicles (EVs). This aligns with Lothian’s ambitious objective of achieving a fully zero-emission bus fleet by 2035.

The project, centred on repowering 18 Volvo B5TL buses, uses Kleanbus’ cutting-edge electric platform. Unlike traditional methods, Kleanbus’ e-powertrain module (EPM) swiftly and cost-effectively converts these diesel vehicles into 100% electric buses, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. By repurposing an existing bus, the need for purchasing a new, expensive electric bus is eliminated, fostering an eco-friendly upcycling solution.

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Joe Tighe, Co-founder, and CEO of Kleanbus, commented: 

“Upcycling is the most environmentally friendly solution to transform a current diesel fleet as it avoids unnecessary scrappage. We are delighted to be supporting Lothian Buses’ work on converting the first bus to aid its industry-leading net zero strategy.”

Kleanbus’ repowering process involves a meticulous evaluation, removal of diesel engines, and integration of the electric drivetrain. The platform allows for tailor-made conversions, perfectly aligning with the specific needs of bus operators. Importantly, this transformation extends the lifespan of the buses, avoiding unnecessary scrappage and reducing overall environmental impact.

Moreover, Kleanbus holds the esteemed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, underscoring its commitment to quality and environmental standards. The company’s use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, considered one of the safest options for EV batteries, further emphasizes its dedication to safety and reliability.

This partnership not only accelerates Lothian’s transition toward a cleaner transportation network but also serves as a beacon for sustainable practices in the public transportation sector. Through innovative financing and charging solutions, Kleanbus is not just offering a repowering service; it’s making electric buses accessible and achievable for fleets around the world.

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