Kia’s autumn offers on electric vehicles: Making emobility more accessible

  • Kia offers exclusive deals from October 2 to December 13, 2023.
  • Special incentives on electric vehicles: 4.9% APR, loyalty discounts, and enhanced contributions.
  • Select EV models come with a free 12-month Kia Charge Plus subscription, simplifying public charging.

Kia UK is rolling out a series of enticing autumn offers, available from October 2 to December 13, 2023

The headline deal? 

Kia’s award-winning electric vehicles (EVs) – the EV6, Niro EV, and Soul EV – now come with an attractive 4.9% APR on finance deals, with no minimum deposit required. 

Kia is sweetening the deal further with an enhanced Finance Deposit Contribution (FDC). That means buyers can pocket savings ranging from £500 to £1,500, depending on the model. This loyalty program extends to existing Kia customers, offering a £1,000 discount on new EVs. Existing customers can cash in whether they choose to trade in their existing Kia or not.

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But what about charging? 

Purchasers of the EV6, Niro EV, Soul EV, and the EV9 seven-seat electric SUV will receive a complimentary 12-month subscription to Kia Charge Plus. 

This service simplifies public EV charging, granting access to over 575,000 connectors across the UK and Europe. Better yet, Kia Charge Plus comes with a 15% discount on most networks and waives the session fees. Slashing fees is a sure-fire way of making emobility even more appealing, and more importantly, accessible.

The entire non-EV lineup, including HEV and PHEV vehicles, is available with a 7.9% APR and no minimum deposit. 

In a world where the widespread adoption of EVs is being held back by price, this deal seems perfectly timed. In light of the UK government’s decision to delay decarbonisation plans on the pretences of “bankrupting” the British people, Kia’s offer serves as a reminder that new EVs can be subsidised, and deals can be made to make the new era of transport achievable and fair. 

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