Kia UK kicks off Q2 with compelling EV offers

  • Kia UK offers Q2 2024 financing, especially for electric vehicles.
  • Rates start at 2.9% APR for EV6, Niro EV, and Soul EV.
  • Special incentives: £500 off for existing finance customers; complimentary one-year Kia Charge Plus subscription for new electric model buyers.

Kia UK offers financial incentives to adopt an EV 

Kia UK has unveiled its latest offerings for the second quarter of 2024. The company is enticing potential buyers with a range of attractive financing options. These deals encompass various models in the lineup, with a notable emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs).

Financing rates start at 2.9% APR for the EV6, Niro EV, and Soul EV models. Meanwhile, the EV9, boasting accolades such as “World Car of the Year” and “UK Car of the Year” for 2024, comes with a slightly higher rate of 4.9% APR. 

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Existing Kia finance customers looking to make the switch to EVs are also up for a deal. They can enjoy a £500 discount when transitioning to any fully electric Kia model, adding a compelling incentive to embrace EV technology.

New buyers of fully electric Kia models receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Kia Charge Plus. This service simplifies access to public EV charging points across the UK and Europe, offering over 692,500 connectors. Kia Charge Plus sweetens the deal further with a 15% discount on most networks, excluding bp pulse, Pod Point, and Ionity, and waiving session fees, enhancing the appeal of electric motoring.

Kia enhances the appeal with boosted Finance Deposit Contributions across various models, catering to both new and returning customers alike. The savings range from £500 to £2,000.

With these offerings, Kia UK aims to spur interest and accelerate the adoption of emobility, providing consumers with compelling financial incentives to embrace the future of driving. We just heard the news of 31 countries hitting the 5% tipping point for EV adoption. Incentives like these are pushing rates over the point, and into the mainstream.

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