Kia to recycle 55 tonnes of ocean plastic in their new EV models

  • Kia takes EV sustainability to another level and converts ocean plastic into parts for new EVs, partnering with The Ocean Cleanup
  • The Ocean Cleanup’s advanced technology collects plastic from the Pacific Ocean
  • Kia’s commitment to sustainability seen in recycled materials for cars and support for ocean cleanup

Kia are taking a new step towards total sustainability

They’re turning plastic from a 55-tonne haul collected from the Pacific Ocean into parts for their new electric vehicles (EVs). This plastic was dredged up by The Ocean Cleanup, a global partner of Kia

Their goal? To make our oceans plastic-free. This exciting move is part of a seven-year partnership they established in April 2022.

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The Ocean Cleanup’s high-tech gear called System 002 gathered the plastic stash off the coast of Canada. This gear did an impressive job, pulling out the plastic after a long journey through the massive Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Imagine an area three times the size of France covered in floating waste…

Now, Kia’s going to give this plastic a new life. They’ll be using this plastic in their upcoming car models. This matches Kia’s promise to uphold sustainable practices and extend their interest in alternative and recycled materials.

Kia has already nailed more than 30 green solutions, like using recycled materials for their car interiors and painting with eco-friendly formulas. One of their star players is the EV9 all-electric SUV. Kia will make it’s floor carpet from recycled materials like old fishing nets pulled out of the ocean. You can find around 34kg of recycled plastic in a standard EV9.

The Ocean Cleanup’s not sitting still either. After harvesting 55 tonnes with their System 002, they unveiled their System 03. An upgrade to System 002, ready to gather even more plastic, even more efficiently. They’re on a mission to clear out 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.

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