Kia showcases the benefits of emobility at the Australian Open 

  • Kia debuts EV9 and EV6 at Australian Open 2024 for the early mainstream EV audience.
  • 130-vehicle fleet showcases practical electric mobility during the 15-day tournament.
  • Collaborations with Uber One and influencers emphasize Kia’s push to make EVs accessible to a wider audience.

Kia has brought its EV range to the Australian Open to inspire the early mainstream audience

Kia is stepping into the spotlight at the Australian Open 2024 (AO24) with a fleet of official tournament vehicles. The fleet is predominantly made up of all-electric EV9 and EV6 models. 

This move signals Kia’s recognition of the burgeoning interest in electric vehicles (EVs) within the early mainstream audience. As we approach the next phase of EV rollout, it’s crucial to engage ‘the early mainstream’. This next phase of EV adopters is the up-and-coming market for all manufacturers to unlock.

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Kia delivered 130 vehicles, including 15 EV9, 10 EV6, 10 Carnival, and 95 Sorento models. Of particular note is the inclusion of the EV9 SUV flagship model in the fleet for the first time. This move perfectly aligns with the increasing interest surrounding EVs among the general public.

How is the Australian Open deploying the fleet?

Kia’s fleet assumes a pivotal role in providing transportation for players, match officials, and VIPs throughout Melbourne. The perfect opportunity to showcase the practicality of EVs in everyday scenarios.

Kia is actively engaging tennis enthusiasts within the early mainstream audience for EVs. The incorporation of its EV lineup into AO24 brand campaigns and promotional activities reflects Kia’s strategic positioning to capture the attention of those considering or curious about emobility options. Collaborating with Uber One for the all-electric ‘Kia fan fleet’ is another strategic move aimed at making EVs accessible and familiar to a broader audience. 

A custom Ocean Matte Blue EV9 positioned next to a kinetic display wall serves as a visual representation of Kia’s commitment to EV. This model is perfect for capturing the imagination of potential EV adopters.

Kia’s engagement with influencers and customers, particularly those who have tested or purchased an EV model, reinforces its dedication to connecting with the early mainstream audience. Fifteen influencers are present from ten different countries. They’re all creating content from AO24, further cementing EVs as part of a modern and forward-thinking lifestyle.

Kia’s active participation at AO24 goes beyond conventional vehicle sponsorship. It’s a concerted effort to engage and resonate with the early mainstream audience for EVs. The brand is fostering curiosity and understanding around the practicality and benefits of emobility. This partnership, and others like it, will be instrumental in inspiring the next wave of adopters, thus further tipping the scale towards total emobility. 

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