Kia hits EV sales milestone in UK, with 50,000 sold

  • Kia has announced that the 50,000th EV from the brand was sold in the country last month.
  • Over 10,000 of these were just this year, showing the rapid growth of Kia’s EV offerings.
  • The figure comes as Kia plans to launch nine EVs in the UK by 2027, and 15 worldwide.

Over 50,000 EVs sold in the country, and counting

Kia UK’s sales figures from July have helped push the company over a new milestone in the UK, with total EV sales figures passing the 50,000 barrier.

This figure has been in the making since the company commenced EV sales in the country in 2015, with Kia’s first fully-electric car, the Kia Soul EV – still being sold in its second generation.

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Over a fifth of these sales have come just from 2023, with 10,698 EVs being sold in the country since the new year. This is particularly impressive when you consider that for the full years of 2022 and 2021, Kia UK’s EV sales figures came in at 16,368 and 14,337 respectively. At the current rate, the company’s figures are set to blitz previous years.

Over 5,929 of these came from the Kia Niro EV, which also took sixth place in the best selling EVs last month. The EV6 SUV also contributed to a large majority of this year’s current EV sales, with 4,539 sold. The other two electric cars sold in the country at the moment are the EV9 and Soul EV, though Kia plans to launch nine more electric cars within the country by 2027, as well as 15 globally.

What will future EV figures look like?

The company has some untapped potential to push these figures further with future car launches over the next four years. The company also revealed that its small petrol-powered Picanto is the second best-selling city car in the country this year. With the UK’s 2030 ICE deadline getting closer, we’ll wait to see if and when Kia launches an electric replacement that can maintain those impressive sales credentials, and possibly make the list for the best cheap electric cars.

“Surpassing 50,000 EV sales in the UK is an important milestone for Kia, as we continue on our journey to having nine EVs by 2027. Our sales success to date is testament to our pioneering EV products and launch strategy, which started eight years ago with the Soul EV and is currently fronted by the award winning EV6 and highly anticipated EV9. With such a varied range currently and bright looking future, we’re proud to be able to support the UK public make the transition to electric, in collaboration with our nationwide dealer partners.”

Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia UK

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