Kia Concept EV9 electric vehicle (EV) unveiled at AutoMobility LA

Kia Corporation have revealed their all-electric SUV concept, the Kia Concept EV9 at AutoMobility LA. This follows the successful launch of the EV6 crossover electric car and is built on the same Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

The Concept EV9 embodies Kia’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions and the vehicle was inspired by nature. It features upcycled materials developed from waste deposited into fragile marine ecosystems.

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The zero-emissions all-electric SUV has been designed to feel equally at home tackling traffic in densely populated urban areas, yet offer families the freedom to experience leisure pursuits away from city centres.

Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of Kia Global Design Center, said: “The Kia Concept EV9 is yet another important marker for us in what has been an incredible journey since the start of the year.

“Having made our intentions clear – to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions – today we are proud to show the world our all-electric SUV concept, which fuses together an advanced zero-emissions powertrain, a cutting-edge exterior design and a contemporary and innovative tech-based interior space.”


Kia have blended a modern angular exterior profile with a sleek interior space that features state-of-the-art tech. A low gravity side body allows for maximum use of space, with ease of entry and exit. The Concept EV9 measures 4,930mm long, 2,055mm wide, 1,790mm high and has a wheelbase of 3,100mm.

One neat feature of the Kia Concept EV9 is the hood vent duct area is utilised as a solar panel. This helps recuperate some of the electric energy that the Concept EV9 uses and provides an alternative source of energy when parked.

To further enhance aerodynamic efficiency, there are retractable roof rails that close inward into the roof of the Concept EV9 when not in use, to create smooth airflow over the vehicle. When needed, the roof rails can be raised with a simple touch of a button.

A next-generation camera monitoring system replaces conventional wing mirrors. These also further improve aerodynamic properties while also enhancing spatial awareness.

Kia says that this new all-electric SUV will deliver a driving range of up to 300 miles (483km). It also features ultra-fast charging technology with a 350kW charger that can charge the battery up to 80 percent in 20-30 minutes.


Inside, Kia have designed an interior that integrates the qualities of nature, movement and stillness as part of a scenic, first-class lounge. For added light, the Concept EV9 has an all-encompassing panoramic sky roof. This not only offers passengers relaxing views from above but also opens the potential for a positive impact on wellness and mood.

In the driver cabin, there’s an interactive 27-inch ultra-wide display that connects the Concept EV9 from the real world to the virtual one. This acts as the nerve centre for all driver and passenger requirements, including media, climate control and comfort functionality features.

The Concept EV9 takes a different approach when it comes to steering. Kia have integrated a pop-up steering pad which is an extension of, and integrated and harmonised within, the interior space.

The interior of the Concept EV9 offers different modes for different journey situations and requirements. Active Mode is when the Concept EV9 is on the move, making sure the driver and passengers have an optimal driving experience.

The two other modes relate to when the Concept EV9 is not moving. Pause Mode modifies the interior space to be more akin to a first-class lounge. This allows occupants the opportunity to directly interact with each other while benefiting from the light streaming in from the wide panoramic roof.

In this mode, the seats switch around to enable occupants seated in the first-row and third-row to face each other. The second-row seats fold down and become a table, completing the first-class lounge arrangement.

The second stationary mode is Enjoy Mode, which opens the interior into a downtime breakout space by turning around the three-row seat configuration. In this mode, the tailgate opens, allowing all occupants the opportunity to connect with the outside environment and gaze ahead and beyond the vehicle while sitting comfortably inside.


Kia have used recycled fishing nets to create the floor of the vehicle, while the seating fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool fibres. Also, vegan leather, which is far more ethical and sustainable compared to conventional animal leather, is used throughout the interior space. Kia plans to gradually reduce the use of animal leather in all its vehicles.

Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider

Kia recently announced its corporate vision to become a “Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider,” along with the intention of achieving carbon neutrality throughout the company’s value chain by 2045.

The three-pillared carbon neutrality goal consists of commitments to “Sustainable Mobility,” “Sustainable Planet” and “Sustainable Energy”. The strategy encompasses processes from logistics, vehicle production, vehicle use and the disposal of waste. The Concept EV9 embodies an important part of this strategy as the next possible addition to Kia’s high-tech BEV line-up.

The Concept EV9 is currently on display at AutoMobility LA and the LA Auto Show until 28 November.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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