Kerbo Charge launches under-pavement EV charging trials in Scotland

  • Kerbo Charge introduces under-pavement EV charging trials in Scotland for accessibility.
  • The initiative aligns with the UK’s net zero objectives for sustainability.
  • User-friendly system promotes accessibility and cost-effectiveness, fostering wider EV adoption.

Kerbo Charge kicks odd Scottish trials of under-pavement home charging solution

Kerbo Charge, an electric vehicle (EV) charging startup, has initiated trials in Scotland, marking a significant step toward sustainability. The installation of under-pavement charging channels in Stirling is a first in all of Scotland. providing accessible charging options for residents without driveways. 

This initiative aims to revolutionise home charging for EV owners, aligning with the UK’s net zero objectives. Local resident Stephen Gordon introduced the concept to Stirling council, addressing challenges faced by those lacking private driveways.

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Public charging facilities have long been criticised for their high costs and inconvenience. Recent figures from Zapmap highlight the financial burden faced by individuals reliant on public charging. 

To address this disparity, Kerbo Charge is installing under-pavement charging channels in residential areas. This approach allows residents to charge their EVs directly from the street using their electricity supply. 

Kerbo Charge’s method mitigates the risk of tripping hazards by sitting flush with the pavement. Moreover, the choice of PVC for the charging channels reduces the carbon footprint compared to metal options. The Kerbo Charge approach was a hit on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den last month, where Deborah Meaden invested to help the rollout of the innovative solution.

Kerbo Charge aims for nationwide availability, building on its success in nine local authorities in England. Prices start at £999, including fitting and approvals, offering a cost-effective solution.

As the trial in Stirling progresses, it signals progress toward a cleaner, sustainable future. It paves the way for wider EV adoption across the nation.

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