Kempower joins the UN Global Compact initiative, bolstering sustainable business practices

  • Kempower has joined the UN Global Compact, committing to sustainable business practices.
  • They aim for 100% carbon neutrality by 2035, and to annually reduce its carbon footprint per €1 million of sales.
  • Kempower will transparently communicate its progress annually, demonstrating its dedication to electric transportation and global sustainability goals.

Kempower takes a significant stride towards sustainable business practices by joining the United Nations Global Compact initiative

The United Nations Global Compact initiative, founded in 2000, stands as the world’s largest corporate sustainability effort. It revolves around ten universally accepted principles focusing on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption measures.

At the core of Kempower’s commitment lies the goal of achieving 100% carbon neutrality. 

The company has pledged to align its operations with these principles, with ambitious targets to back the commitment. Kempower plans to annually decrease its relative carbon footprint per €1 million of sales and aims to achieve complete carbon neutrality by the year 2035.

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By joining the UN Global Compact, Kempower has taken a proactive step towards transparent accountability. The company will now communicate its progress annually, showcasing how it is actively implementing these principles. This move reflects Kempower’s dedication to creating a cleaner, sustainable world through fully electric transportation. 

Kempower’s CEO Tomi Ristimäki, commented:

“We’re proud to join the thousands of other global companies which are committed to taking sustainable business action to create the world we all want. At the core of our mission is the desire to build a society powered by fully electric transportation, making the world cleaner and more sustainable, so the initiative’s environmental principles are particularly close to our hearts. By joining the UN Global Compact, we want to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and embody sustainable business practices”

This commitment underscores Kempower’s environmental responsibility and highlights the importance of transparent corporate sustainability. As consumers pay more and more attention to the sustainability of their purchases, committing outright to sustainable business practices is essential.

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