Kempower change the game with cutting-edge Megawatt Charging System

  • Kempower unveils groundbreaking Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for electric trucks, offering swift and efficient charging above 1 MW.
  • Scheduled for Europe launch in Q1 2024, MCS fills a crucial gap in sustainable transportation, reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles significantly.
  • With advanced technology and seamless charging experiences, MCS addresses urgent global needs, accelerating the shift towards eco-friendly electric trucks.

Kempower has unveiled its groundbreaking Megawatt Charging System (MCS), set to revolutionize the landscape of electric truck and heavy-duty vehicle charging

This innovative solution, designed specifically for electric trucks demanding power above 1 MW, marks a significant leap in the evolution of sustainable transportation. The MCS integrates Kempower’s advanced technology, featuring a high-power satellite, a liquid-cooled charging plug, and two robust 600 kW Kempower Power Units, ensuring swift and efficient charging.

Scheduled for initial deliveries in Europe during the first quarter of 2024, the Kempower Megawatt Charging System signifies a crucial step toward decarbonizing the transportation sector. Traditional heavy-duty trucks, responsible for a staggering 25% of CO2 emissions from road transport, can now transition to eco-friendly alternatives.

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Jussi Vanhanen, Chief Market Officer of Kempower, said: 

“Electric trucks are typically charged with a DC fast charger either overnight, at a warehouse destination, or on-the-move along highways. Larger EVs need larger power sources. Our megawatt charging solution serves all those use cases: overnight, destination and on-the-move charging

Kempower reduces carbon emissions in urban areas through its patented DC fast charging solution; therefore, producing MCS’ and delivering them across the globe will not only vastly improve the EV charging infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles, but will be a key part of a major step forward in reducing carbon emissions, ultimately helping to save the future of our planet.”

This launch also holds strategic importance against the backdrop of escalating emissions from trucks, buses, and coaches. These vehicles account for a substantial 25% of CO2 emissions in EU road transport and a staggering 29% in the United States. 

Freight traffic continues to surge, and emissions continue to rise, making the timing of Kempower’s MCS introduction particularly pertinent. The company anticipates a remarkable 37% compound annual growth rate in the commercial vehicle DC charging market in Europe and North America until 2030, underscoring the pressing need for robust charging infrastructure.

Kempower’s Megawatt Charging System could herald a new era of lightning-fast charging. With these advancements, it could be more possible than ever for large companies to electrify their fleets. 

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