Japan increases subsidies on battery electric cars and plug-In hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)

Japan’s environment ministry has announced there will be an increase in subsidies for those purchasing battery electric cars, PHEVs and fuel cell vehicles. Incentives battery electric cars and PHEVs will both double from 400,000 yen to 800,000 yen (£5835/€6345/$7,743) and from 200,000 yen to 400,000 (£2918/€3,172/$3,872) yen respectively.

The government has invested heavily here allocating around eight billion yen ($77.4 million) which would be enough for around 10,000 battery electric cars at the full amount. These incentives do come with the condition that only electrical charging, whether it’s at home or work, needs to come from a renewable source.

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The Japanese government will also increase fuel cell vehicle incentives which are already high with up to 2.25 million yen per vehicle (£16,423/€17,856/$21,780). The exact figure here hasn’t been released yet but it accounts for a high percentage of the total cost, especially on cheaper vehicles.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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