Jaguar release cheaper version of its I-Pace sports utility electric car

British Car Manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover will be offering a more affordable version of their successful I-Pace EV400 sports utility vehicle (SUV) that earned itself the title of Car of the Year, Car Design of the Year and Green Car of the Year in the 2019 World Car awards. The new model, which will be called the I-Pace EV320, will be considerably cheaper but not as powerful as its older sibling.

The new Jaguar EV320 will have the same drivetrain and the 90 kWh battery remains the same, but the electric motors have been recalibrated, which reduces the combined power to 235kW (320hp). With a maximum torque of 500Nm and all-wheel drive, this less powerful version still delivers solid performance with a claimed acceleration of 0-60mph in a solid 6.4 seconds. This compares to 4.5 seconds for the nippier EV400. Jaguar say that the range will be the same at 290 miles (470km).

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With just a slight decrease in performance the price decreases impressively with a drop of around €20,000. Jaguar have released the new EV320 model with a starting price of €65,990 compared to the older EV400 which starts at €81,855. These price reductions should open Jaguar’s SUV to a wider audience.

Jaguar have said that this new model will be produced in limited volume with no numbers offered as yet. Prices so far have only been offered in Euros, which could mean that it will only be offered in continental Europe to begin with.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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