Jaguar commits to an all-electric, SUV future; Scrapping internal combustion models

  • Jaguar ends ICE production, signalling a shift to an exclusive electric vehicle lineup.
  • The 2025 four-door GT marks a powerful leap in Jaguar’s electric identity.
  • Overhaul includes facility changes, ending US direct sales, and transitioning to an all-SUV fleet.

Jaguar unveils plans to ditch its internal-combustion models in favour of an all-electric SUV line-up

Jaguar is leaving behind its internal combustion engine (ICE) legacy. The production of current ICE models, including the I-Pace, XF, E-Pace, F-Pace, and F-Type, is set to cease by June. This marks a decisive step toward a future dominated by high-powered electric vehicles (EVs).

The I-Pace will continue production until likely next year. This signals a departure from the current gas and diesel-powered fleet. That reflects the brand’s strategic shift toward a more exclusive, luxury electric fleet.

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In 2025, the spotlight will be on Jaguar’s highly anticipated four-door GT, priced above £100,000 (roughly $127,000). This flagship EV is poised to redefine Jaguar’s electric identity with 575 horsepower, all-wheel drive, rapid charging capabilities. Moreover, it boasts a remarkable range of up to 434 miles. The GT will serve as the inaugural model for the new Jaguar Electric Architecture (JEA).

The transformation extends beyond the assembly lines, with the Castle Bromwich plant in the UK reconfiguring to become a body panel production facility. This strategic shift also includes a departure from the prevailing trend of direct sales in the US. The company will direct American buyers exclusively through dealership channels.

A JLR spokesperson commented:

 “As JLR transitions to its electric future, current Jaguar production at our Castle Bromwich site will come to an end in June 2024. 

Our UK production facilities are being reconfigured to produce JLR’s next-generation electric models, this includes the stampings operation at Castle Bromwich which will be expanded to manufacture body panels for all our brands.

Jaguar will begin an exciting new era as a pure-electric modern luxury brand with production commencing at our Solihull facility from 2025.”

Jaguar’s future lineup will exclusively feature the F-Pace, E-Pace, and I-Pace, establishing an all-SUV fleet. Simultaneously, the curtain falls on the XE, XF, and F-Type. That marks the end of an era at the historic Castle Bromwich plant. Once an integral part of wartime aircraft production, the plant now gears up to play a pivotal role in shaping Jaguar’s electric future.

Jaguar’s declaration is a narrative of the brand’s commitment to emobility, luxury, and a the future automotive landscape. The brand is working for a seamless transition, ensuring a steady supply of existing models until the electric revolution takes centre stage. We’ve seen JLR’s manoeuvres towards its electric future of late. Its new £250 million testing facility in Coventry, announced late last year, is a beacon for its new, sustainable future.

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