It’s 200 days until the fifth anniversary of World EV Day™ 

  • 200 days to World EV Day™ fifth anniversary, emphasising early mainstream EV audience transition.
  • Watch World EV Day™ 2024 launch video, become a partner, and shape emobility’s future.
  • Largest emobility campaign, uniting stakeholders; EV Meetups showcase community-driven global EV enthusiasm.

We’re just 200 days away from the fifth anniversary of World EV Day™

This year, the focus shifts from early adopters to the early mainstream electric vehicle audience in a bid to sustain momentum in the emobility transition.

Watch the official launch video for World EV Day™ 2024 down below, delving into the campaign’s legacy and its role in driving collective change. For those eager to be part of the movement, an invitation is extended to become an official World EV Day™ partner. Reach out to the team today. 

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This promises to be the largest emobility campaign to date. World EV Day™ serves as a unifying platform, bringing together companies, policymakers, and thought leaders for a day of activations and announcements that propel the emobility movement globally.

Past achievements include discussions in UK parliament and acknowledgement by the White House’s top climate advisor. In 2023 alone, the event garnered over 200 million Twitter impressions across 119 countries. It brought in major players like Ford, NIO, ABB, Parker Lord, and Leaseplan celebrating emobility since the campaign’s inception.

Aside from and alongside businesses, EV Meetups provides a novel way to get involved in EVs. They unite EV owners through free-to-attend, public-facing meetups organised by the vibrant electric vehicle community.

EV Meetups take various forms, from supermarket car park gatherings in Australia to a 100-mile round trip between charging hubs in the UK. The diverse settings underscore the universal appeal and practicality of embracing emobility in 2024.

Beyond the spotlight of a single day, the ongoing journey emphasises the collective efforts of businesses, policymakers, and individuals worldwide. 

The call is clear—to #DriveChange and sustain support for the shift toward a decarbonised society. World EV Day™ 2024 signifies not just an anniversary but a renewed commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transportation.

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