Is bp pulse eyeing Tesla’s supercharger sites?

  • bp pulse plans to acquire Tesla’s US supercharger sites, aiming to build Gigahubs with over 3,000 charging points, backed by a $1 billion investment.
  • As bp pulse expands and Tesla downsizes, the EV charging landscape is evolving. This shift could shape the future of electric transport, with competition and stakes on the rise.

bp pulse’s bold move: Tesla’s Supercharger land in its sights

bp pulse is reportedly set to acquire Tesla’s US supercharger sites and its staff, with a plan to invest $1 billion to grow its EV charging infrastructure.

Sujay Sharma, CEO of bp pulse Americas, said the company-

“-is aggressively seeking to acquire real estate to expand our network, which is a top priority following the recent Tesla announcement.”

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bp pulse is set to construct Gigahubs with at least 12 chargers each, totalling over 3,000 charging points across the US. This ambitious project comes with a $1 billion investment, half of which will be deployed in the next two to three years.

Less than two weeks ago, Tesla slashed most of its charging team, including senior director Rebecca Tinucci, who’d been with the company for six years. The team, once 500 strong, took a major hit. The public policy team, led by Rohan Patel, was also impacted in the layoffs.

Sharma added:

“(BP Pulse is) actively seeking talented individuals and real estate opportunities to aid in our growth, regardless of external circumstances.”

In April, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, sent an email to all employees, announcing plans to cut its global workforce by over 10%, affecting more than 14,000 jobs.

As bp pulse embarks on this bold expansion, the landscape of electric vehicle charging in the US is poised for a major shift. With Tesla downsizing and bp pulse ramping up, the race to dominate EV infrastructure is heating up. This could signal a new era in the electrification of transportation, where the stakes are higher than ever. 

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