Introducing the VUF XXL, the latest e-trike to decarbonise city streets

  • VUF Bikes and Sofrigam Group launch the VUF XXL Coldway Inside e-trike for urban heat-sensitive deliveries.
  • Made in France, the e-trike boasts a 10-year service life, 60kg payload, and Coldway technology.
  • La Poste endorses the e-trike, showcasing its potential for low-carbon, efficient, and compliant city-centre deliveries.

The carbon-free VUF XXL Coldway Inside e-trike is set to accelerate responsible last-mile logistics

VUF Bikes and Sofrigam Group have rolled out the VUF XXL Coldway Inside e-trike. They presented their game-changing solution at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This 100% carbon-free, silent, and robust electric cargo bike will tackle the pressing challenge of heat-sensitive urban deliveries.

City centres worldwide are tightening regulations and the looming ban on new combustion-powered vehicles by 2035. In response, VUF Bikes and Sofrigam Group joined forces to create a reliable, low-carbon solution. Cue the VUF XXL Coldway Inside, boasting a service life of up to 10 years.

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This electrically assisted cargo bike, proudly made in France, packs a punch with its Coldway technology-equipped refrigerated box. The box is ATP-certified and guarantees a seamless cold chain for temperature-sensitive deliveries. Launched on the VALEO outdoor demonstration stand at CES 2024, this e-trike addresses the growing demand for last-mile logistics while adhering to environmental regulations.

How does this e-trike shape up?

The e-trike boasts a payload of 60kg at the rear and 25kg on the front luggage rack. It has already earned acclaim during real-life tests. La Poste, the French postal service, previewed the e-trike in Paris, using it to deliver meals to elderly residents. The positive feedback reinforces the bike’s potential to revolutionize city-center deliveries.

Technical specifications include a Valeo Cyclee motor, a max speed of 20 Mph, and a battery autonomy of 50 miles. The Coldway Technologies’ box boasts an 8-hour autonomy, ensuring the preservation of heat-sensitive products. The use of natural refrigerants, salts, graphite, and NH3 sets this cargo bike apart, meeting the highest standards with certifications like DIN 79010, ATP, PIEK, and the coveted Made in France label.

The VUF XXL Coldway Inside represents a pivotal step towards greener and more efficient urban deliveries, aligning with the global push for sustainable and eco-friendly logistics solutions. This innovative cargo bike will reshape the landscape of city-centre deliveries, providing a powerful response to the challenges faced by supply chains and urban environments.

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