Introducing the eActros 600: Mercedes-Benz’s all-new long-haul electric truck

  • Mercedes-Benz unveils eActros 600, a pioneering long-haul electric truck.
  • Boasts 500km range, expandable to 1,000km, with advanced aerodynamics.
  • Equipped with 600 kWh battery, Active Brake Assist 6, and Active Drive Assist 3 for efficient, safe long-haul travel.

The eActros 600 is set to redefine the electric truck industry

Mercedes-Benz introduces the eActros 600, marking a pivotal moment in the long-haul electric truck sector. This pioneering electric truck signifies a leap forward in technology, sustainability, design, and economic viability for e-fleet operators.

At its core is a remarkable range of 500 kilometres on a single charge. This is extendable to over 1,000 kilometres with intermediate charging during driver breaks. This exceptional feat is made possible by a powerful 600 kWh battery, enabling charging from 20-80% in just 30 minutes. Paired with an 800-volt electric axle, the eActros 600 offers robust acceleration and outstanding energy efficiency.

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Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the eActros 600 stands out for its practicality, supporting a gross combination weight of up to 44 tonnes and a payload capacity of approximately 22 tonnes with a standard trailer, catering to the diverse needs of the industry.

The electric truck also incorporates an array of safety features, including Active Brake Assist 6 and Active Drive Assist 3. These cutting-edge driving assists utilize sensor fusion technology, combining radar and camera data, ensuring a 270-degree view around the vehicle. This results in quicker hazard recognition and more efficient response times. 

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz provides comprehensive support through services like Mercedes-Benz Uptime, Maintenance Management, and Live Traffic, empowering fleet managers with efficient tools. The company also offers expert consulting services, guiding businesses from vehicle selection to charging infrastructure setup, facilitating a seamless transition to electrification.

The eActros 600 embodies a transformative shift towards sustainable long-haul transportation. Its impressive cocktail of technologies gives us a glimpse into the future of trucking, and from what we can see, it looks safe, efficient, and sustainable. 

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