Introducing the all-new DAF XB Electric

  • Introducing the DAF XB Electric, unveiled at the Road Transport Expo with 19-tonne, 12-tonne, and 16-tonne options.
  • Boasting a powerful 190kW e-motor and a 210kWh battery (with an optional 282kWh upgrade). These trucks deliver up to 350km with LFP battery packs.
  • With a sleek new design, advanced digital display, and customisable chassis.

Introducing the DAF XB Electric: the future of sustainable trucking

Debuting in the UK at the Road Transport Expo, DAF has introduced the new XB Electric 19-tonne GVW rigid. DAF showcased the latest zero-emissions model its Electric range as a 19-tonne GVW rigid. However, it comes with additional options at 12.0- and 16.0-tonnes GVW.

Powering the 19-tonner is a robust 190kW e-motor fed by a 210kWh battery. There’s also the option for a heftier 282kWh version. The 12- and 16-tonne variants pack a 120kW e-motor. With a range of up to 350 km, these trucks are built for efficiency and endurance. DAF’s commitment to sustainability shines through with their cobalt- and magnesium-free lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

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The XB series dazzles with a fresh look: a sleek new grille, slimline mirrors enhancing direct vision, and a stunning 12-inch digital display inside. The new steering wheel and plush upholstery mirror the luxury found in other New Generation models. For ease of customisation, the XB chassis features an innovative hole grid pattern.

As the new DAF XB Electric takes centre stage, it marks a bold step into a greener future for commercial vehicles. With cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the XB Electric is set to transform the landscape of road transport. Get ready for a revolution in trucking – where power meets eco-conscious innovation.

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