Introducing Auto Trader’s ebike platform

  • Auto Trader, the UK’s largest online automotive marketplace, now offers 1,500+ ebikes from 45 brands
  • Ebikes align with UK’s 2030 active transport targets, reducing emissions for short trips
  • Strong interest in ebikes seen on Auto Trader, impacting urban transportation perception

The UK’s largest automotive marketplace embraces ebikes

Ebikes are now on Auto Trader. There are over 1,500 ebikes from 45 manufacturers and retailers, such as Brompton and Raleigh. This marks a significant step for ebikes as an alternative vehicle in the transport markets of the future.

Auto Trader already deals with all manner of electric vehicles (EVs) including vans, cars, mopeds, and more. With around 65 million website visits every month, Auto Trader’s platform can provide a launchpad for ebikes to truly flourish in the UK.

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To meet 2030 decarbonisation targets, the UK government wants half of all trips in towns and cities to be walked or cycled. Ebikes can form an essential part of this active transport vision. 

50% of car journeys are less than five miles long. If we were to see mass ebike adoption, you could viably reduce unnecessary car journeys by half. Cutting car journeys cuts emissions, noise pollution, traffic and even stress. 

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director at Auto Trader, wants people to pick eco-friendly rides. He posits that ebikes and cars can work together, with ebikes better servicing certain journeys such as short trips for one person, and cars taking longer journeys, thus building the ecosystem of sustainable transport that we need to develop as soon as possible.

What’s more, as the UK’s largest online automotive marketplace, Auto Trader is in the unique position to gain extensive insights into the buying trends and interests of UK drivers. The data shows a huge uptake in ebike interest. 

“On-site research carried out at the end of 2022 shows there is keen interest for e-bikes from the existing Auto Trader audience with nearly a quarter (24%) of visitors to the car marketplace saying they were interested in owning an e-bike. In addition, of those visiting the leisure vehicle marketplace, nearly a third (32%) said they were interested in owning one with another 30% of respondents already owning one. 

Auto Trader provides access to a nationwide market, enabling consumers to access e-bikes from around the UK, regardless of stock levels in their region.”

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Auto Trader

What does this mean for the wider ebike sector?

Auto Trader’s ebike platform should provide a ripple effect across the entire electric bike industry. Julien Scriven, Managing Director of Brompton Bike Hire, commented:

“Whilst over 90% of adults know how to ride a bike, less than 3% ride a bike regularly. Electric bikes are a great way to encourage the 87% to give cycling a go. At Brompton we passionately believe that it is vital to encourage people to use the most appropriate mode of transport for the journey they are taking. 

“It is fantastic to see Autotrader starting to promote electric bikes which can only help encourage their regular visitors to consider adding a bike to their choice of travel options.”

It’s exciting to see major industry players stepping up to the plate and providing a host of emobility options. This move makes ebikes more accessible than ever before, and could change the way the UK public sees ebikes – taking them from hobbyist objects of fascination to certified methods of sustainable urban transportation. 

Ian Plummer continued: 

“E-bikes will play a vital role in the future of mobility – a future where people make use of a connected combination of mobility solutions and can enjoy easier connections from one to the other. As part of our role in driving confidence in every journey, we’re looking forward to supporting the growth of this important sector.”

Auto Trader are the headline partner at this year’s EBIKE SUMMIT. Join the EBIKE SUMMIT on 5th September at the Blatvanik School of Government, University of Oxford. The event will bring industry leaders together to build an ebike Britain. Visit the website to find out more information and secure your delegate pass.

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